Peace - A Benefit of Homemaking

When our homes are neat and orderly - it causes there to be a spirit of peace in our homes. When items are in disarray, personal belongings missing and just an overall spirit of chaos in the home , nerves are tense and the attitude in the home are far from peaceful! As homemakers, we play an important part in the atmosphere and spirit of our homes. Many times, we can directly influence the spirit of our home. We see in scripture that God calls us to be "keepers at home." What are some things we can do to help improve the atmosphere and spirit of our home; and cause us to be able to fulfill our God given calling of being a "keeper at home"?

* Spend Time Daily with the Lord in Bible Study and Prayer - By making sure we have that quiet time with the Lord - we are putting ourselves in a place where He can speak to our hearts. How sweet it is to have the Holy Spirit convict us of our wrong attitudes even before we choose to do wrong! By spending time with God, we allow Him to be able to work on us through His Word. We also are brought to the realization that we can not minister in our own strength. Our prayer time allows us be dependant upon God for our strength. Being a godly Christian homemaker can not be done without the working of God in our lives! We can not miss this vital ingredient if we are to have a spirit of peace in our homes. It is only by our personal walk with God that this is possible.

* De clutter - "This world is not my home - I'm just a passing through..." the song says. Sometimes, we view the things of this world with such high regard because we forget that we are not home yet. When our hearts are turned to the things of this world it is so easy for our lives to become cluttered with too much "stuff". We must constantly be watching and making sure that we are managing our lives the way that God wants us to. It is so easy for clutter to come into our homes. We must as Christian homemakers guard against clutter.

*Adopt the motto - "A place for everything - and everything in it's place. This is biblical!! "Let all things be done decently and in order." When everything has it's place it is easy to clean up, clear out and live because we can just put it away and go on.

* Good Godly Christian Music - It is amazing how quickly music can change the atmosphere of a room!! This is also a biblical principle "Singing to ourselves in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord." Ladies, the Christian battle is fought in the mind! Satan knows that if he is going to defeat us he will have to do it first in our thought life. So much of life can burden us down, cause us to have a bad attitude and just an overall bad spirit about us. Christian music can help keep our thought on track and focused on the Lord. Now, when I say good Christian music, I am NOT talking about music that talks about God in it's words; but sounds like the world in its musical content. Christian music does not emulate the world at all. If you are listening to music that sounds like the worlds music, but with different words - this will not cause the overall spirit in your home to be peaceful. When a person walks into a Christian homemakers home it should look and sound distinctively Christian!

* A Schedule - This is one thing that will help the Christian homemaker immensely! When we know what we need to do,and when it is scheduled to get done - it does wonders to helping our hearts be at peace. So much of the chaos of the world is people running to and fro. Going from this thing to that thing - not really knowing exactly what they need to do next. As a Christian we are told to "redeem the time" Redeeming the time - means bringing our time into account and managing it - A Schedule will work wonders in allowing you to plan and also to see the things you have been able to accomplish in the ministry of homemaking that God has called you to.

These are only a few things. There are many more. Ask God to help you to be the homemaker of His desires. Be obedient to the things that He shows you - and then watch as He opens the door to you to minister to other through the world of homemaking!!

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Thanks for the encouragement and bits of advice!