Trying to be Her

The last day of the month. A month that has 31 days. I read again the passage - the Proverb of the day. I am challenged - to be that woman.

Committed to her faith.

Passionate about her family and their needs.

Concerned deeply enough to be motivated to care for the needs of those less fortunate.

Strong enough in character that her days are filled with purpose and ingenuity.

Then I read the second to the last verse and find the foundation for all of her actions and attitudes: "...but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."

I close my Bible, ready to start my day; but not before I ask the Lord to allow me to know Him. To have every relationship, every action, every attitude throughout my day be a direct result of Him working through me.

"Lord, make me to know you so well that I become her."

Blessed Sounds

How thankful I am for the gift of sound. So much of my day is richer and more pleasant when I take time to listen... the sound of Anna's "Hi" when she first awakens in the morning

... to the steady breathing of my Zak as he pauses and takes an afternoon nap music being learned and perfected by my older children as the practice their violin the still small voice that tells me I am loved - even when I make a mistake the sound of my neighbor, newly widowed, coming and asking for James' help with a bag that is a bit too heavy for her my husband whispers in my ear, "I love you, you are my best friend"

...Mozart's symphonies playing softly in the background the kids' laughter when Daddy pulls into the driveway after a long day at work

...the sound of an old wood floor's creaking as I softly tip toe to bed

What sounds most delight your ears? I would love to know...


Putting Spring on Hold

We are under a winter storm watch. Four to eight inches by Sunday morning. I guess spring will have to wait just a bit longer.

I had heard the forecast and made sure I got the little ones to the park while the weather was still holding out. Anna loved the swings and the slide. She cried and cried when she had to come home. She loved being outside and has even figured out how to get out of the door! I am going to have a busy summer with her around!!

I guess I will wait to get the winter coats put away. I think we may need them here this weekend!

Trust you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



Reading Aside

Zak: "Do butterflies bite?"

Mom: (Silence - reading a book and much too preoccupied to realize anyone was talking to me)

Zak: "Do butterflies bite?"

Mom: (Silence - now realizing someone was talking to me; but if I remained focused on my book perhaps they would stop talking and let me continue reading.)

Zak: "Mom," (leaning 2 inches from my face and pushing rapidly on my arm) "do butterflies bite?"

Mom: (Moving back to allow my eyes to focus on such a close object) "What was that Zak?"

Zak: "I said, 'do- butterflies- bite?" (emphisizing the last three words of the question)

Mom: No, they don't bite.

Zak: (Still close to my face) "Are you sure?"

Mom: "Yes, I am sure. They do not bite."

Zak: "So they are nice?"

Mom: "Very nice!"

Zak: "I like butterflies!"

I love being a stay at home Mom. It does not do a lot to aid in my literary endeavors; but the comic relief is priceless.


Flood Prayers

We lived in North Dakota most of our married life. All of our older children were born there. Our first home was purchased in the Fargo / Moorhead community. We survived the winters there and enjoyed the community spirit and small town feel. In our hearts we miss North Dakota.

We lived through the flood of '97. I was 9 months pregnant with our second and would hear the sound of national guard helicopters flying over head as I tried to rest in the afternoons. My husband did his share of sand bagging as we tried - as a community - to save as many houses and as much of the city as we could. When I delivered our daughter my husband left the hospital shortly after the delivery to head home and wet vac the basement of our house. Many of our friends lost a lot of valuables when their basement flooded with water faster than they could get it out. There were some who lost everything - some who lost a lot - and others of us who were thankful that the waters did not destroy more of our homes.

Our friends are living out the same drama again - 12 years later. We are miles away from their crisis; but our hearts are there. You are and will remain in our prayers.



Our church is celebrating it's 35Th anniversary by having a church pictorial directory made. Church members have made their dates and times for family pictures to be taken. Tonight was our appointment.

I decided to snap a few myself before we headed out the door. Taking a group picture with five kids - one teenage girl who hates her picture being taken, another one who tends to get the giggles when the camera is pointed her way, a boy who is not fond of the camera, one autistic six year old who is wanting his blanket over his head and a one year old - has it's moments. Here is the best we could do:

The church pictures went well; although they had their moments too. Anna decided that if everyone wanted her to smile that was exactly what she was NOT going to do. So, we have a picture in the directory with five kids - the one in the center looking as serious as a heart attack!

We finished the night up by surprising the kids with dinner out at a local steakhouse. They were thrilled. All and all, it was a good day. God is good. Children really are a blessing from the Lord - even if you can't get them to smile during a family picture!




The task is too hard. The burden too heavy. The outcome unknown. The fear - too great.

Then it happens - in a moment. A chance meeting - a realization that all the pain, all the frustration are all part of the plan.

The moment when it is realized that there is no mistake - only a divine purpose.
A plan - HIS plan - for me.
The task's difficulty does not change, the outcome remains unknown; but the burden suddenly becomes lighter - the fear dissipates.

How much of His path do I choose not to take because of fear?
How much of His strength do I not know because of self effort?
Ah, the rest the comes to my troubled heart when I realize that before time began - before I was even born - this was His plan for me.

I can rest - for "faithful is He who calleth you - who also will do it."

I claim it. I quote it. I pray it. I find one of His most precious gifts to me - Himself. He ministers. He lingers. He whispers peace. I find rest.

Resting in His Promise,

Life a Beautiful Thing

I have only recently come across this heart warming blog. It was with tears, I read about the miracle God has brought to this missionary family. Trust you are blessed with their testimony and rejoice with them at their newest blessing.

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord; and the fruit of the womb is HIS reward..."

Motor Skills

Heather was concerned about Daddy's thoughts on her little one's choice of playtime.

However, what's a Mom to do when her daughter's favorite pass time is playing with her big brother's toys - (complete with motor sounds and all!) The last time I had a baby girl in the house there were no cars within our four walls.

Perhaps we should set up a play date, Heather. I am thinking they both could learn something from each other!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so glad you did.


Her Knight

Our middle daughter became a teenager this past week. I surprised her with breakfast in bed. She had not suspected a thing and was surprised when I awakened her with waffles and eggs and bacon.

We did the traditional birthday cake on her birthday; but actually saved the biggest celebration for the next day.

The evening had been reserved. Abbey would spend a good part of the afternoon getting ready for the big night. Her 'before' picture was taken and then after choosing her new hair style; the fun began.

Her beautician snipped and cut and then dried and curled her hair.

The finished product was exactly what Abbey had wanted for her new style. (Complete with instructions on how to use the curling iron.)

After her hair was done the manicurist was ready for her. She enjoyed a hand bubble bath, then a hand massage.

We headed home and then she prepared to dress for the special occasion. You see, at 13 she has eyes for only one man. This man holds the key to her heart. He makes sure she is protected, has everything she needs, and does his best to be there for her whenever she needs him.

He escorted her out and got her settled into the car. Together they shared the night - tying heart strings and memories together. Until God deems otherwise - he will count it an honor to be her "Knight in Shinning Armour".

Happy Birthday, Abbey.

Looking for Spring

Hints of Spring are coming slowly. I am ready for tulips, green grass, and daffodils. I find myself greeted in the mornings by the sound of singing birds. The afternoon air is filled with the cry of geese flying overhead. They are making their trek back to the marsh.

Sickness has filled the house - making me even more anxious for spring and opened windows blowing in fresh clean air. The snow is melting and rain is falling onto the saturated ground.

I am so thankful for seasons. Times of change. Times of promise.




Pastor Shaffer has a way with kids. He also has a way that makes them stop and listen. He can make a purring sound - like a cat - and it grabs the little one's attention.

Anna was no exception. Just sitting and listening...

Thanks so much for stopping by - I am glad you did.

A Week with Friends

Last week our church hosted Holiness Conference. We had a wonderful week. One of the reasons it was such a good week was because we were able to spend some time with our former Pastor and his wife.

Pastor Shaffer was my husband's pastor since he was just a boy. They have literally watch him grow up. Pastor Shaffer was the pastor who married us almost 19 years ago. What a blessing they are to us and our family.

We enjoyed the week with them as we fellowshiped together and listened to messages together. How sweet the bond of Christ! Christian friends are such a blessing.

Thanks Pastor and Mrs Shaffer - for everything. We love you!


Spring Dreams

Is March first too soon for a spring bonnet? ...

I didn't think so either!!
Ready for Spring,

First Hair Cut

The bangs were getting into her eyes constantly. Yet, the Mommy in me hated to cut the hair and loose the baby look. Finally, I just went in and did it. The whole family agrees - she looks better with bangs.


My daughter Rachel has become quite handy with photography and photo editing. She seems to be quite taken with her siblings as her models. Here are a few of her photos using her sisters as the subjects. Enjoy.

The Battle is His

It has been a long week. My time has been filled with doctor appointments and school.

James went in on Monday with a sore throat. He came out with a positive result for strep and a prescription to treat the illness. He was glad it was strep and not a virus. The way he figured was if it was strep he would feel better in 24 hours after taking the meds. He explained to me if it was a virus he would feel sick for longer. I thought it wasn't bad reasoning for a 10 year old and told him I agreed.

Tuesday was full with Zak's MRI. There were issues - as there always are; but everything went pretty well. He did have two seizures while they were trying to sedate him for the procedure. (That was not fun.) They had misplaced the orders for the blood work and could not find the other lab orders that the doctor had made. All of these things are little things; but I can be honest and say I am very tired of dealing with this. I am finding my patience about gone when it comes to dealing with hospital staff in regards to the care of my son. I am thankful that other parents with special needs kids have said the same thing. After five years of dealing with this I am tired.

The benefit of all of this is that it seems God is giving direction. I will be honest it is not the direction that I had hoped I would find. It seems over and over the medical doctors and staff are unable to find out what is wrong and what we can do to fix it. I will say that this has caused me some distress until my husband said, "We prayed that God would show us - and He has clearly showed us that the answer does not lie here." My hope and prayer has always been to take Zak to the highest level HE can go. I understand there are challenges and there are some limitations; but I do not want to handicap him further with his limitations. All such a fine balance.

We head out tomorrow for yet another test. Since the test on Tuesday we have had a lot more stimming issues with him. I am not sure if it was the medication they had to use or the seizures that occurred. I am just praying for wisdom.

God strengthened me with His word this morning:

"The LORD your God which goeth before you, He shall fight for you, according to all that He did for you in Egypt before your eyes."

- Duet. 1:30

God gave us Zak and his issues are His battle. I am just praying that He will lead and we will follow. I am so thankful for His Word the brings encouragement and direction. What a mighty God we serve. Excitedly I await for His answers - I know He will lead us.