My Prayer

My Prayer

Speak to my heart, precious Jesus
Speak to my heart today.
Don't let me go without hearing-
Your precious voice I pray.

Speak to my heart, loving Saviour
Speak to my heart I pray.
Open Thy rivers of mercy-
Oh, how I need Thee today.

Speak to my heart, guiding Shepherd
Let me so clearly know,
Your loving plan for my life
Direct my steps as I go.

Speak to my heart, God Almighty
Visions of holiness see.
Keep my eyes always turned upward
Awaiting Your likeness to be.

-Martie Spurgeon
I trust you are walking in His will - receiving strength from His hand - and finding yourself conformed more and more to His likeness. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you did!

A Place for Everything...

I wanted to share for Kitchen Tip Tuesday my method for corralling my recipes. Unfiled papers have a way of taking over life.

I purchased a "Sketch Diary". The outer cover is quite durable and the pages are thick card stock. Then I went and got some index tags. I then divided my notebook into sections. (baking, main dishes, drinks, soups, etc).

I only use this book for recipes that I have tried and the family loved - or that I will make again and again. (So I guess I could call it my frequently used recipes). Once the recipes passes the "everyone loves it and wants me to make it again" test - I will tape it into the correct section of the book. I am also able to place notes to myself on the side of the recipe. For example, if it is a dish that I need to double - I can note that there. Or perhaps, I can keep track of how much this meal cost per serving; so when money is tight and I need to watch our grocery spending - I can choose low cost meals that everyone loves. I also record the points per serving following the Weight Watchers Points system.

I love it too because it has folders in the front and back of the book. So recipes that I have not yet tried, are placed there - not sitting on my desk getting lost in the great paper abyss.
This has really helped me keep better track of the recipes that I use frequently. I just found with an index box - I could not find a convenient place to store it. This way, I can just set "MY" cook book on the shelves along with the other cookbooks and have everything in one place.

Thanks for stopping by for Kitchen Tip Tuesday. For more tips go to Tammy's. (Thanks Tammy for hosting - and congratulations on your new little one!)



"Choose Life..."

I was inspired by this story! What a hero! I always told my husband when I was pregnant - if you every have to choose - me or the baby - pick the baby. I would not want it any other way!
Trust you will inspired!!

Work Before Play

We have gotten our fair share of snow this year. The kids have loved it. I enjoy it too. I always get excited when I see snow falling from the sky. I am thinking that it would be much different if I had to get out in it everyday - but with being home and homeschooling the kids I am able to sit inside a warm house - bake a few cookies and let it snow.

Dad and Rachel were gone Friday and Saturday. Rachel participated in the Great Lakes Music Festival with her violin. That left the other three kids and I home to hold down the fort. James and Abbey took off mid morning and got the sidewalks shoveled.
Later in the afternoon, they were able to enjoy a game of pick up football with two of the neighborhood kids.

It is just beautiful here now with the fresh snow on the ground. It is like living in a winter wonderland. I LOVE snow.
I trust you are have a wonderful week. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am glad you did.


Romance Amongst Duties

On Thursday evening, my husband brought me roses. He does this often - and I love it every time he does. He asked me if I ever get tired of flowers - if after awhile it just becomes - "old hat" to have him bring flowers home for me. I told him - NEVER!

Well, I love it when he brings me flowers that I am able to arrange in a vase. I love to work with flowers and arrangements - so I got these flowers all situated into their vase and placed them on the center of the kitchen table. Last night, while Rob was gone on a music trip with Rachel, the house was quiet and I was trying to get some much needed laundry done. Well, I brought up a load of clothes to fold - and while I was folding I thought of how unique it looked. Flowers in the middle of the table with folded clothes all surrounding them.

Kind of like married life - you are so in love - and enjoy being with each other - but the romance and love come in living life - through the duties and responsibilities that fill our days. I can find that my husband going to work - or being busy with household remodels is just as romantic as a candlelight dinner - if I so choose. For in his efforts and work - he is loving me and caring for me.

Just thought I would snap a still shot of what life is like - Romance amongst Duties.

I am so glad that you stopped by. Oh, I thought I would ask: "Do you ever get tired of flowers?
Just curious. :P

Have a wonderful weekend.

Home Economics 101 - Test One

I got the night off from cooking dinner tonight. Abbey agreed, (begged) that she could make dinner for me - dessert and all!

We have been working together on a home economics course. We are covering beginning cooking. By no means, have we reached the part where she is to try to make dinner (we are still on the chapter naming all the kitchen utensils.) Well, this particular 11 year old was confident that she could make dinner all by herself - no help from mom. So.... I agreed to let her give it a try. I must say, I was quite impressed with the results.

This evening's menu:
Beef Stroganoff
Buttered Noodles
Fresh Cut Vegetable Sticks
Sugar Sprinkled Devils Food Cake
Hot Tea

Not only did she make the best stroganoff I have ever tasted; but to boot - the kitchen stayed very clean even during the prep process. When we sat down to dinner the mixing bowls and utensils were in the sink. Adorning the counter tops was dessert plates and forks ready to serve after the main course was served. I was served dinner as if I was in a restaurant - with a waitress catering to my every need. (Such a wonderful treat for Mom - as Dad is out of town and missed the service!) It was a blessing and a culinary delight.

I think I have a budding chef on my hands. In a year or so I will be out of a job in the family kitchen - not to worry though, that has been the main objective since they were little. Train them to do what I do - so when they get older - they will know how to manage a home.
I decided to grade her on her dinner success: 100% Abbey - good job!! I love you - you are going to make a wonderful wife and mother someday - Lord willing. Keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Happy Birthday - Dad. I LOVE you! Thanks for being a wonderful father to me. You put up with so much from me when I was young.

Some of my fondest memories with you are sitting in cars that were on the rack - while you worked under the hood. I can not tell you what the smell of a mechanic's garage does to me - so many memories!
I remember when you took me out on a date for my thirteenth birthday. I was so nervous - but had such a magical night with you. I loved holding your hand - I felt so safe - and proud to have you as my Dad.
I remember you dropping me off at college. I think it was harder on you and Mom than it was for me - although I did shed quite a few tears- when the homesick heart was breaking.
I remember coming home for your birthday and surprising you by my visit. (I think that this is one of my fondest memories - and I have played it over and over in my head - just to relive it one more time). It was so neat to be there with you on your birthday - even though it was unexpected for you. Remember how I was playing the piano when you got home from work?

Now, I am all grown up - and the older I get the more I appreciate you. Thank for everything you have done for me through the years. Your sacrifices, your love and concern - have helped to mold me. I am so glad that God gave you to me - What a wonderful gift He gave me - when He gave me a Dad like you.

I Love you so much!!


Giveaway Drawing

This morning we drew the name for the giveaway. My daughter, Rachel. did the honors of drawing the name. "And the winner is":


Thanks so much for all that participating. It was so much fun hosting the giveaway and hearing from all of you. Thanks for making this a special "100th post!"

Blessings to you all,

A Buzzing Past

We have to go a long ways a way to get the boys' hair cut. It not too long of a drive; but rather a long way - back in time. "Ron's Barber Shop". This where the boys go to get their hair cut - Dad too - but it looks like a place where Grandpa maybe even would have gotten his hair cut - had he lived here as a young boy.

Stepping into Ron's is like stepping back in time. Where the floor is tiled - the ornaments on the wall are fish - probably caught before Dad was even born - and the magazine rack has been around since newspapers were still reporting on the JFK assassination. How much history is held within these four walls! A lot has been talked about as customers, through the years, have waited their turns in the chairs that line the side of the room. From politics and weather, to religion and local gossip - - no conversation is taboo here.

In the outside world - much has changed. There are four way stop lights, convenience stores, and a local library - - right out side the window of this historic business - but inside - - it is still the same. The prices look like something you would see in the background of an old "Leave it to Beaver" episode - and well - - Ron could have very well been around when that show's first season was running new on prime time television.

When a boy steps into the chair he is sitting down in a piece of nostalgic Wisconsin history. Many a lad has sat in the very same spot. Ron's a little older now - and you have to talk a bit louder - but when you are in the chair you are back it time. A time our children will never know - and one, for that matter, that Dad barely remembers - - but ask the old guys sitting in the chairs talking about the Packers upcoming game - they remember - they've been there a while

Young and old alike come there. He has room for them all. Many 'new' salons and beauty shops do not have people employed that even know how to cut flat tops - - but Ron does! He was cutting them when they were still in style. His buzzing clippers still know their way around a boy's head.

Time could only tell how many red necked little boys in blue jeans and sneakers have turned the dial to the gumball machine following their haircut. A gumball - the known reward for sitting still and letting Ron cut your hair. You won't see a little boy leaving the shop with a still mouth - no, his gums are chomping away on the treat his good behaviour earned him.

A trip to Ron's is like an interactive museum of historic yesterday - - where life was slow and people were kind. Inside the shop you are in a world that has come and gone - years ago. But, at the end of your appointment, the hair still covers the floor the same way it did when Grandpa was a boy. Back then, they just walked in for a hair cut; but today you must call ahead to schedule and appointment - he fills up fast! Yes, when you leave the shop you step back into the present era; but you bring a little part of history with you - - because when your boys enter the family vehicle - they buckle up looking like clean cut boys!

Thanks for stepping back in time with me! I'm so glad you did.



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Admiring the New

Kelli over at "There's No Place Like Home" hosts a show and tell every Friday. Hop on over and see her special treasures along with links from others who participate in this fun little activity!

It's done!!! I knew exactly what I was going to show for S&T - when the shower curtain was hung - along with the pictures and the newly purchased towels. I am so excited. I have waited for my bathroom remodel to get done for longer than I care to admit. Now - I am enjoying the finished product. We still have little touch up things here and there - along with the cabinet doors getting finished and hung -but I can now shower in there - and enjoy getting ready for the day in a bathroom that looks like it was decorated in the last decade!!

Here are some 'BEFORE' shots:

(Here you can see the walls and the work needed to be done there. Oh, this pic was taken awhile ago - Zak is much older now!)

And.... here are the 'AFTER' pictures...

(The shower curtain and towels I was able to purchase with a gift certificate someone anonymously gave me for Christmas to Kohls - - so if that person reads my blog - THANKS - I LOVE the gifts!!)

(This picture is a bit blurry; but here is the sunk in cabinet my husband put into the wall - this is where the lath and plaster was in the 'before' picture - we are going to hang doors on it soon...)

(The pictures I was able to purchase at Goodwill - they had all three of them there - in three different spots - but I found them all - all together I paid $14.00 for them - more than I would normally pay at Goodwill; but I thought the colors went perfectly!)

(The flowers were given to me by a friend 5 years ago. I have never found a place where I felt they "fit"; but now they finally have a home...)

(The unplanned sink - we were going to put in a petal sink; but the one we purchased did not fit - we decided to stick with the sink that we had. I can not believe how well it matches with the curtain that I picked out! I also purchased the soap dispenser and the toothbrush holder to match the bathroom. I think they make it look like a motel bathroom.)

(Out of everything new in my bathroom I love the flooring the best. We were not going to have enough money to purchase this particular linoleum - but when we took back the sink - we were able to get the floor. I absolutely love it. I like the rug I finally found to match the curtain - it was in the kitchen rug section at Kohls. I think it look like it was made for the whole ensemble. )

Well, that's the new room in our house. I did not tell you about the $70.00 shower head that my husband was able to pick up for $12.00 - but unmistakably - this is a bathroom that was put together with a lot of sweat, a lot of good bargains, and gifts from friends. I think I like it that way. After waiting so long to get it done - I think I am enjoying it more than I would have had we hired it done - and had it finished in 48 hours!

So, if you come over for a cup of tea - see the van in the driveway and the lights on in the house - but no one is answering the door bell - just come right on in - I am probably in the bathroom just admiring the finished product.


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Post 100!! - Time for a Giveaway!

I can not believe that this is my 100th post! I can not believe I actually have enough going on in my life to write 100 posts. However, I must - for we are here; and I am so excited to be able to host my very first giveaway. I wanted to have a giveaway for my readers to tell you thank you for reading my posts - encouraging me with your kind comments - and allowing me in to many of your worlds by sharing your posts with me. In gratitude - I wanted to put together a basket of goodies that I will award to one reader. All you have to do - is comment on this post and I will put your name in the drawing.

For the giveaway I wanted to include some things that I have shared with you - or showed you in previous posts. I have included a link over to the post where these items were talked about - all of the giveaway items are duplicates of the previous items talked about - as they were all purchased especially for the giveaway.
A few cookie cutters. I purchased another church, hand, and tea pot -- I also found the heart and little dutch girl too cute to pass up today when I was purchasing for the giveaway.

Ah, tea! And one of my favorites - English Breakfast. I thought I would include a coffee package too just in case any of you do not like tea.
The most "Yummiest Smelling Candle" in the world.

This is unique and new to the giveaway - I just loved this framed print.
Homemade granola stored in a canning jar - as I talked about in one of my more recent posts. I am sure you will love this delicious treat. (I will also include the recipe from Tammy's place.)

Well, that's it - a basket of goodies for one of my readers. I can't wait to see who wins.

I would love to hear from all of you - as well as any of your friends. If you have a blog - and would post about my giveaway on your blog, as well as link over to my site - let me know and I will put your name in twice for the drawing. ( Feel free to download the picture on my side bar if you post about the giveaway.) Please make sure I have access to your email address - so I will know how to contact you and get your mailing address if you win. (If your email is on your blog - I will be able to find it there.)

If you are first time visitor here at my place - consider this a "Welcome to my Blog" giveaway - I would love to hear from you too. Feel free to include any comments on ideas you would have for other posts that I could write about.

The giveaway will be left up until Monday night, Jan, 21. Then, on Tuesday morning ( Jan 22) - before we start school - I will do the drawing and let the winner know who she is! Thanks for participating; and thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.