Encouraging Words

This week has been a whirlwind of activity in our house. It is VBS week. I took the better half of last week to prepare for the big week ahead - I am so glad I did. The menu was made and ingredients purchased to make the meals ready to prepare. Laundry was completely done and put away - a feat the rarely happens - and the lack of hangers for all the clean and ironed clothes proved that to be true!

It has been a great week - busy, tiring - but great. I think that adequately describes ministry.

I was well aware of just how tired I was when I got into the bathroom this morning and looked in the mirror preparing for the day ahead. I was shocked at just how tired I looked and hoped that I had enough makeup in my bag to hide my bags. :)

I audibly mentioned my woes by saying something about looking so old. My husband heard and came to my rescue with an uplifting compliment - then Abbey quipped that I was "One hot chick" - adding her attempt to encourage me. Dad gave her and approving look and smiled at me. Zak was just finishing his breakfast and was getting ready to wash his hands. With cereal still on his face and sticky hands needing to be washed he looked up at me and said, "You're on hot duck. Mom"

Rob and I laughed and laughed. I took comfort in the fact that he picked a duck - not an elephant or a whale. Ducks do waddle, however, and that has me a bit concerned. I am just going to figure that in his mind he stayed in the barnyard and the duck was following the cute little chick.

Trust you are having a great week. Thanks so much for dropping by I am so glad you did.