Teeth Brushing - the LONG way

Strange things can happen when Zak is in the bathroom. I am thinking that the older he gets the less bathroom episodes we will have. Well, we are not out of the woods yet...

I was busy doing a Mom "thing" - washing Zak's face after lunch. The food had been eaten and it was ready for Zak to head up to his room for a nap. He was sitting on the table in front of me - wash cloth covering his face as I washed off the last of the peanut butter from around his cheeks. It was not until I took the rag from off his eyes - that I noticed that something was not 'right'. The following conversation is what took place next:

MOM: (sounding quite surprised and a bit emphatic) Where is your eyebrow?
ZAK: (sounding quite normal) I lost it.
MOM: You can't loose your eyebrow! (sounding even more emphatic) Where is your eyebrow?!
ZAK: I cut my hair...
MOM: (noticing a chunk out of Zak's hair and his signature cowlick missing) When did you cut your hair?
ZAK: This morning when I was brushing my teeth.
MOM: (suddenly remembers that he was in the bathroom for a long time during his teeth brushing session)
ZAK: You missed a spot on my hair; so I cut it off.
MOM: That explains your hair; but where is your eyebrow.
ZAK: I cut it off too

Never - and I mean, NEVER a dull moment.

Trust you are enjoying your summer days. These are the days that tomorrow's memories are made of.


Principle of Modesty

If you are just joining us for this series I invite you to read the previous posts first.

When I look at the New Testament model for woman I see that it says I am to adorn myself in modest apparel (I Timothy 2:9). This is not an option nor is it left to cultural interpretation. Modesty envelops the characteristics of a godly woman. Since the word modesty is specifically used to describe the apparel of a godly woman, it is necessary that we have a clear understanding of the definition of this word.

In the Noah Webster dictionary the word modest is defined in relation to dress as decent. Decent is defined as appropriate free from immodesty or obscenity.

Webster’s definition 1828 = 4. In females, modesty has the like character as in males; but the word is used also as synonymous with chastity, or purity of manners. In this sense, modesty results from purity of mind, or from the fear of disgrace and ignominy fortified by education and principle. Unaffected modesty is the sweetest charm of female excellence, the richest gem in the diadem of their honor.
(Emphasis – mine)

It is sad that the further our society moves away from moral absolutes the more we have to define terms that were understood by the common population 60 years ago. Modesty means I do not act or dress in a way that brings attention to me. One of the best ways to be modesty is to take careful heed to covering of the body. It seems that the further our society gets away from moral truth and absolutes the more scant clothing is tolerated.

It is interesting to me that in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned one of God’s top priorities was clothing Adam and Eve’s bodies. Because of their sin Adam and Eve needed clothing – an item not necessary before the fall. As soon as they had sinned Adam and Eve were keenly aware of their nakedness; so aware that the Bible tells us that Adam and Eve made themselves “aprons”. A study of the word ‘aprons’ will show that Adam and Eve had made an effort to cover their ‘private parts’. Yet, we see that their aprons did not meet God’s standard for clothing.
It says in Genesis 3:21, “Unto Adam and his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them."

Adam and Eve had on their little aprons – covering the private areas that made them feel naked; but to God they were not clothed. God made them coats. A study of the word ‘coats’ will show that the when the Lord clothed them most of their body was covered. God put such a high priority on their outward appearance that he clothed them Himself! Through His actions in this situation we are made aware that nakedness being covered is very important to God. God expects modesty.

Another passage in Exodus 28:42 shows that God was careful that the priest’s clothing to cover the nakedness. “And thou shalt make them lines breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach.” One thing caught my eye when reading this passage; their nakedness was to be covered. A study of this passage shows that the leg was to be covered from the knee up. (Clearly illustrating that, to God, the thigh being uncovered is considered nakedness.)

If a modest spirit is present in a lady; she will take special care to making sure her necklines are appropriate. Low and scooping necklines bring the eyes attention to the chest and are in no way appropriate for a lady who loves the Lord. She is cautious of tops that are sewn in such a way as accentuates her chest. A modest lady makes sure that the nature of her clothing is not too tight. She also makes sure that all of her clothing is loose enough to hang gracefully upon her frame. She makes sure that her skirts and dresses are not form- fitting. Her goal is to have her body covered and have a gracious poise to her carriage as she conducts her business throughout the day.

A modest lady’s desire is that the spirit of Christ shows through when she comes in contact with others. She is keenly aware that God cannot be glorified when her clothing points to specific body parts, causing her to the be focus of other's attention. Her desire, rather, is that her attitude and spirit will cause others to see Christ. When a Christian woman dresses in a way that brings attention to her body, her focus is not Christ; nor is heart’s desire to point a lost and dying world to the Savior.

Modesty also encompasses the spirit of the lady. Just as her clothing does not draw attention to her body; her actions and attitudes do not cause others to focus of her. She is not void of opinions and ideas; but understands that it is not always in the best interest to always have to "voice her opinion". When the times arise for her to speak it is with grace and done sweetly - again, pointing others to Christ. The modesty of her spirit goes hand in hand with her femininity.

Modesty is one of the greatest tools a woman has to take herself out of the picture and allow those looking on to see Christ.

Principle of Femininity

We looked previously in this series about the principle of separation used to help define the standard for dress. God has clearly laid out that there is a gender distinctiveness that He created. Taking this a little further, I believe that God wants my dress to be unquestionably feminine. It is sad when we live in a day and age where there are people trying to say that there is no difference between men and women. God made a difference and wants this difference to be kept clear.
God made me a woman – free from masculinity. God’s desire is for me to be feminine. When I looked up the definition of feminine I found one to say: Feminine= girlish. A list of synonyms that followed which included: dainty, female, ladylike, soft, tender. I liked that so much. Is this not a great illustration of femininity? God made us to be soft and tender, dainty and girlish. Not because we are incapable of doing manly things – but because that is not our job description.

It is laid out in the New Testament that there are different purposes for the men and the women of the church. In I Timothy 2:9,10 it reads: “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety… but (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works”. Modesty has as much to do with my spirit as it does the clothing that I wear – that is how it is mentioned in this passage – first it talks about the apparel and then goes into the spirit – (with shamefacedness and sobriety).

The spirit of a godly woman understands that God created her to be feminine – with a spirit unique and different from the opposite sex. That is not to say that the woman is physically weak and refined to a life of needlework in a stuffy and dimly lit room. A study of the Virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 will show that strenth and stamina envelop this godly woman. This godly woman was strong, active and hard working; but her departometn was always of grace a spirit of graciousness.

When the world is saying that there is not a difference between men and woman – and I choose to be unquestionable feminine in my attir (to be biblical), those looking on will notice. The sad thing about Christianity today is that often we are concerned that the world is looking at us – and as we notice their glances we cower in fear – fear of their opinion or their label.

Our hearts should be brought to conviction when the world no longer notices a difference – not because they are not looking - but because there is nothing different to be seen!

Because I believe that God desires for me to be unquestionable feminine there are some things that I choose not to wear. Pants have always been a sign of masculinity. If you do not believe me, check out the restroom doors at the next public place you visit. This is a clear indication to me that even the world knows that pants define a man and a dress defines a woman. For that reason I have chosen that if I am to be unquestionable feminine – pants cannot be a part of my wardrobe.

Nothing about the way I am dressed should be able to transcend the sexes. Since God created me to be feminine, the question I ask myself is, "What attire will most enhance my God given makeup as a woman?" (In other words, how can I look most like a lady and be as feminine as possible?) The answer, clearly defined in my mind, is in a dress or skirt. As I have evaluated the choices of clothing that surround me, I have decided to choose what will best define the gender disticitve line.

A dress or a skirt is the attire that keeps God's gender distinctions obvious.

The world needs to see the grace and tender spirit femininity offers. For years, feminists have done their best to say that Christianity degrades and devalues a woman. I am of the firm belief that feminists and their agenda have done more to devalue a woman than Christianity ever has or ever will! (A point I will cover in the next post.)

Principle of Separation

I have come to the firm belief that every area of my life must be based on the foundation of biblical principles. What I choose to wear must be guided by the principles laid out in God’s Word. As a Child of the King, I am responsible to find the principles God lays out and apply them to my everyday life. In the area of dress God is far from silent and has graciously given me the principles needed to know how I am to dress.
As a Christian, it is of utmost concern to me that my life fulfills two main purposes.

First, I want my life to point others to Christ.


Secondly, I want my lifestyle to give a proper and accurate view of God.

These two premises should be the driving force behind every decision a Christian makes. Is what I am doing allowing others to see Christ – and as they see Christ, is it an accurate picture of who He is and what He values?

Our society is moving away from moral principles at a faster pace than ever before. Thus, living as a Christian in this era allows me awesome opportunities to show Christ and name the name of Christ in the way that I dress as a woman. It has become obvious to me that the farther our society moves away from moral principles the brighter my light shines when I apply biblical principles to my everyday life ( Matthew 5:14-16). I think that is what has saddened me the most when I see Christians choosing to lay aside this issue and deem it non important – they are forfeiting a divinely appointed opportunity to show Christ to a lost and dying world.

As I have read the Bible I have seen over and over again that there is a principle of separation that lines the pages throughout the entire Book. Regardless of whether I read in the Old Testament or in the New Testament, I find this principle of separation given to those who love the Lord. (Gen 13:9. Ezra 10:11, II Cor 6:17) God has always called His people to be different than the heathen. I have come to believe that if the world does not see a difference in the way I live my life they will not realize that there is a difference.
As I look at the way I dress and the pieces in which I choose to dress I have to bring my choices under this principle of separation. I have found that there are two areas that my clothing needs to be separate. First, my clothing needs to be separate from the world. In other words, it needs to be free from worldliness. God’s desire for his people is that they look different from the world and the world’s choices. The way I dress should be different from the main line of society. (Deut 14:2, IPt 2:9)

My dress should be distinctly separate. There are those who think that this issue of dress comes down only to a dress vs. pant issue. I must say that there is a danger there. For, there are skirts or dresses that are not distinctly separate from the world. It is unfortunate that there are those who dress worldly thinking that everything is OK because they are in a dress or a skirt. My attire must be distinctly separate from a worldly look or worldly influence. If I have a hard time going to the store – or being out in public in dress that defines me as different then I have a heart problem and am lacking in my love for the Savior.

However, this issue of separation must not be left just to this issue of worldliness. The Bible clearly teaches me that God created men and women to be distinctly different (Gen 1:27, Gen 22:5). So the second area of separation is in the area of gender distinctiveness. I must make sure that my clothing is distinctively free from looking like the apparel of a man – free in any way of masculinity. I want that when people look at me, even from a distance, they can tell that I am a lady.

When gender distinctiveness is valued in my dress you will find that anything I wear a man would be ashamed to have upon his body. It seems odd to me that the Christian world has come to accept the feminist agenda that it is OK for a woman to wear the apparel of a man, however, if we reversed the tables we would not be caught dead allowing a man within the membership of our church to parade around in a dress! There seems to be a definite double standard here. ( I will cover this in more depth in a subsequent post in this series.)

One of the prettiest pictures I have seen was that of a Mother and her daughter across a lake. Her husband had taken the picture from the other side of the lake – their backs turned from him. In the picture, you could make out the silhouette of mother and child – and you knew the child was with her mother because you could see her dress blowing in the wind. Although the image was a mere silhouette she was distinctively feminine.

The principle of separation has given me the understanding of knowing just how God desires me as a woman to dress. This principle has allowed me the security of knowing how my daughters need to be trained in their dress. How thankful I am, that God does not leave us without the answers to our questions. He cares how I dress, what I choose to dress in, and has clearly showed me through His Word the answers to these questions.

The question is not ‘Does God care what I wear?” but rather, Am I willing to apply biblical principles and have my dress in line with how God desires for me to dress?”

Upcoming Series

My husband has told me to post on this subject matter for some time now. I have not. Not because of a fear of the subject; but because it is a vast subject. I have started the post several times only to hit the delete button - felling too overwhelmed to even broach the vast chasm that encompass this topic.

However, I must say that my heart has been burdened as I see so many are walking away from this issue. There are those who still hold to this truths behind this issue but choose not to vocalize their convictions; and with this silence many are stepping up and leading many to think that this subject is, and always has been a non- essential issue.
The passion I have in my heart for this subject matter cannot remain silent any longer. I understand fully that this subject cannot be covered in just one post – for it would be too lengthy to entice even the most committed of my readers. I have decided to do a series of posts dealing with the issue of women/ modesty / dress. I invite you to join me. I am not posting to be contentious – though the subject at hand is controversial in it’s own right. I am covering this topic for three reasons:
*To bear my heart with you – to allow you to see the reasons behind my decisions
*To challenge your thinking – future generations are depending on us to evaluate why we do what we do
*To hold the banner high – not because of an infatuation with the past – but because I believe by conviction that these principles are biblical and necessary for the furtherance of God’s work here on earth.

Will you join me?

Nineteen Years

It was nineteen years ago, this week, that I married my best friend.

God has been so good!