Why I Do Not Celebrate Halloween

I thoroughly enjoy the changes fall brings. Falling leaves blanket the ground with an assortment of colors. The air becomes chilly and jackets and coats are brought out of storage. I love fall!


I celebrate fall with my children using it as a time to teach about God and His beautiful creation. I do not include Halloween celebrations in my fall festivities. After an in depth study of Halloween and the origins of this holiday, I feel that participating in the rituals and routines associated with the world's practices is counter productive to how I am raising my children.

Halloween originally came from a Celtic holiday called Samhein. It was known then as “The Day of the Dead”. It was believed that the spirits of those who had died roamed freely about during that night – Oct 31. The carving of faces on pumpkins was done to keep the evil spirits from coming near the homes. Wicca, the official religion of witchcraft, regards this holiday as one of their sacred holy days.

A study in the Bible will reveal that when spirits roam the earth and are active in doing evil – it is not just an “active imagination” or a “spooky” little story – it is real and it is satanic. Halloween, at it’s roots, is a Satanic holiday.


I feel that allowing my children to participate in this holiday will desensitize them to the evilness of Satan. I want for my kids to know that the devil's objective is not treats and candy; but rather his goal is to deceive and destroy. Even if my focus of the holiday is not on the evil of the holiday, but on the fun aspects of the time of year, I still can be sending a mixed message to my children.


As a Christian Mom, my goal in child raising is to raise children that are set apart for God. The Bible tells us that we are to be salt and light to an evil world. That means the way I live my life should be different from the world. I feel when the world has a "satanic" based holiday - my testimony, my walk with God, my conscience, can not condone participation in that holiday.


One of the greatest tools I have as a Christian is my testimony. How I raise my children and the things I allow my children to participate in, should give God a good name. I feel the best way for me to do that during this holiday is to refrain from celebrating all together. If I was a missionary in the heart of Africa, it would be imperative to my ministry to not participate in the rituals and customs of the African's spiritism and false religion. In choosing to participate, I would be sending a mixed message about why I was there. I believe the same can be true in America - there are certain traditions, and rituals to which our culture has become accustomed. In order to send a clear message - in order to not confuse why I am here - I must choose to not participate in certain culturally accepted American customs.


My heart's desire is to see Christ magnified in everything. I believe that not participating in Halloween traditions and customs - is the best way to ensure that Christ is lifted up in our home. To my children - and also to the people we come in contact with everyday. May other's see Christ in me!!
May Christ be glorified – in everything.

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The Omelet Man

I am married to a wonderful man. He can make me smile at the drop of a hat. He is kind, and does his best to cheer me up when I am having a bad day. He is an absolutely wonderfully Daddy to my children and loves them very much. He enjoys playing golf - but he does not do it often - - most of the time when he goes he takes me along. I enjoy being with him. He loves to read; and usually he has two or three books going on at one time. They are all conveniently placed around the house for him to read if his is in the general location of a particular book.

These are just a few of his qualities. I thought I would let you all in on a little secret. He does something better - I think - than anyone else I have every known. I have decided that if we ever need extra money we would be able to market his little known talent - selling the by- product to waiting customers. I have told him, that this skill he has will keep me married to him forever - (as will the vows that I said on our wedding day. :) If the Lord took my husband home - and I was left remaining - at the funeral I would cry because I missed him. However, some of my tears would be shed because I would no longer get to feast on his talented concoctions.

My husband - in my eyes - is the world's greatest omelet maker! I LOVE his omelets. Perkins, IHOP or Village Inn can not hold a candle to Rob's omelets. They are without a doubt the best. Sometimes he whips me up one after the kids have gone to bed. The are "to die for!" I LOVE his omelet's! Through the years, I have tried to take lessons from him on how to make the perfect omelet. Mine never turn out like his - I usually end up destroying them while I am flipping the over.

This past Wed night I decided to do omelets for dinner. I was going to have them hot and ready for him when he got home. I was determined to get the flipping part right and turn out a great omelet. However, Wednesday nights - are chaos nights! Kids are busy getting ready to go to church - going through their Kids for Truth verses one last time before they have to leave - and doing their best to turn out a decent homework paper so they do not loose their free time the next day - needless to say, it gets a little hairy here on Wednesday nights. Alas, last Wed - I was not able to get the omelets pulled off in time before Dad got home. He walked in - and saw me - apron on - ingredients waiting - skillets heating - and asked me what I was doing. I told him that the omelets would be up shortly. He, in need of job security, told me he would make the omelets. So, reaching for the apron that I had on - he promptly set to work. I thought I would share of few pictures from that night. If the pictures look like it was a little wild at our house - they are true and accurate. Enjoy.

(I think this is the most handsome man in the world - with a white shirt on and a tie - along with the apron - my heart skips a beat!)

(Zak here is doing a "before - dinner - jig". (I think that "jigs" are an acceptable way for a Baptist to celebrate as longs as the participant is under the age of 10 :) He enjoyed rice pasta noodles with spaghetti sauce for his dinner. (He is allergic to eggs!)

Bon Appe'tit!

No children or animals were hurt during this production. The kitchen was all put together before we left for church - and church started on time!

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Was Blind - But Now I See!

Our James started having headaches during school and reading time at night. So hubbie and I thought we better get him into the eye doctor. Let's just say - he NEEDED glasses. *When there were six letters on the wall - he only could make out 2 of them!) I was gasping for breath as I sat there through the exam.

The long wait for the new glasses came to a halt this afternoon. Mom and James ran to the store to get the glasses that "were in"!

I thought I would share photos of the "old" James and the "new" James.

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Tea Anyone?

Kelli over at "There's No Place Like Home" hosts a show and tell every Friday. Hop on over and see her special treasures along with links from others who participate in this fun little activity!


I thought this Friday I would share with you my tea collection and my special tea cups that I have found. I can not say that tea is my "first love"; but I do enjoy a cup often - especially in on cold winter and fall days. I do not collect my teas for collection alone - although I did find Tammy's collection very impressive - and can honestly say that I had never thought of collecting tea bags. I have my teas simply to drink - and also to share with guests we have in our home. Once a month, I have the blessing of hosting a ladies Bible study in my home. I really enjoy that evening.

Here are my "special" tea cups. I have them on display in my mudroom. I do use them - although since I put them out I have found that I do not use them as much as I used to. I love the nesting tea cup - the ones with a tea cup on the bottom and a little tea pot on the top. I think it is fun to brew my own little cup of tea - take it into the bedroom and enjoy while I am reading a quick chapter before I snuggle down into bed. I have also used these to serve my guests when I only have one who wants a cup. I think it makes them feel special - just exactly how I want every guest in my home to feel!

I really thought this cup was nice. It is a tea cup with it's own coaster. As of recently, I have been putting my bagged sugars into it and using it for a serving "dish". When I am done hosting company - I just place the coaster back on top and set it on my shelf - ready for the next guest God brings my way.

I really like my snowman tea cup that I found at a local thrift store. It is big - but so cute. I have not even used this one to drink tea out of yet! I think that it is cute for my winter decor. I really like it a lot.

Last but not least - is my tea pot. I was able to find a fairly inexpensive tea put shaped like an apple. I love the whistle on it when the water is ready. If you wait for a few seconds after the first little whistle - it will erupt in a harmonic whistle that has two tones. It sounds great. After I first got it - I waited even longer to see if it would go into a three part harmonic chord - it did not. (I am thinking about inventing a three toned harmonic whistler for tea pots! - - just kidding) :)

Well, that is my tea collection. Wish you all lived close and could come for a cup of tea. If we made a tea "engagement" - I would make it in the evening - (don't know if that is "proper" or not ) - when the children were all tucked in for the night - I would light a candle - have only the lamps on in the front room on - (to give a cozy feel to the room).

I would prepare for your coming by arranging my tea bags in a decorative container on the side of my stove top.

I would get the water hot and ready - then place the burner on warm - so we could have as many refills as we desired throughout the evening. My "coaster cup" would be beside my tea bags - available for your choosing if you like a sweeter cup of tea. I would place some cookies on a plate - ready for our "taste test".

Upon your arrival - I would hurry to the door to invite you in from out of the cold - - all the while anticipating our evening chat together. I would allow you to go first and choose your tea - and cookies - (because my Mama taught me well - guests ALWAYS go first :)

Then, I would pour me a cup of English Breakfast tea - (my favorite by far) - I would not need any sugar for I always drink mine unsweetened. I would probably take two cookies and join you in the front room. ( I would choose two cookies because I am of the firm belief that when eating sweets with guests - there are no calories! :)

Unfortunately, most of you do not live close - so I guess we will just have to enjoy tea together just over the blog. I still would love to know though - what type of tea would you choose for our tea together. (It is only fair that you tell me - being that you now know about my favorite cup!)

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Follow On

I have been thinking of all that God has brought us through. So many wonderful wonderful happy times - but also there are many dark trials that God has walked beside me through. Oh how wonderful to KNOW that I can follow Him anywhere - through anything - and trust - because He cares for me . He knows what is best for me!

It is at times of deepest trial - that I "learn of Him". I look back at times when my heart was ready to break - the path before me seemed uncrossable - or times when I was so tired I just wanted to quit - and then He came and ministered to me in a way that no one else was could.

How safe - in His bosom to rest in His care. How comforting to know He cares for me. When I look back - I see the trials He has brought me through. I can remember the day our daughter died - getting the news that they had done everything that they could - but that she did not make it - I remember collapsing the the floor - unable in my own strength to physically stand because of the pain in my heart. Yet, at that very moment when my strength failed - when I was at my weakest - His strength was there - waiting for me - holding me - uplifting me. I knew He was there. Overwhelmingly, I felt His comfort and strength flood my heart - and I went on. Not in my own power - for there was none left - but only because of His. I think of the many times in ministry when the task before me seemed too hard - too great - impassable. I remember the times when God seemed far away - when prayer seemed useless - yet, God was there. My faith - tested - my beliefs becoming more cemented. As I walked through the trials it was God who brought me through them. He did not make them easier - but added grace to my load. Now, I look back and see how He worked and what I learned during those times and I see the trials differently - they have become a blessing - - for through them - I came to know Him - so much more.

I look at life currently and I wish I could see the future. There are days that seem unbearable - there are times I am so uncertain which way to turn. Am I making the right decisions? So many times with our little Zak I wonder what I am to do - then I look back and see - God has his little life in the palm of His hand. He placed him here - because it was good for me -- it was good for him. I do not need to know all the answers. I do not need to know what his little future will hold. Sometimes I wonder what will become of him. Will he ever live independent of us - will he always need care? Some days these thoughts can seem overwhelming. Then I realize - my life is not my own - it is Christ's; bought with His precious blood - He knows what is best for me. I look back and see He has always done what is best for me - the future journey will tell the same - He always does what is best.
Surrender is not a one time occurrence - it is daily. I was reminded today - I do not know the future - but I do know the present. The only thing that I can do is be faithful. So today I will choose to obey God - I will choose to show Christ to others. I will choose to look to others needs and not focus upon my own.
Someday my earthly journey will be done. I will follow and meet Christ on Heaven's shore. All the trial and troubles of life will seem but a moment - when I look into His face. What a day that will be!

Down in the valley with my Saviour I would go;
Where the storms are sweeping and the dark waters flow;
With His hand to lead me - I will never, never fear
Danger can not fright me if my Lord is near.
Follow - follow - I would follow Jesus
Anywhere, everywhere - I would follow on.
Follow - follow - I would follow Jesus
Anywhere He leads me I would follow on.

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The First "Official" Field Trip of the Year

The children enjoyed a special treat - sleeping in ... even Mom enjoyed extra sleep on this unique morning! School had been canceled for the day and a field trip was waiting to be enjoyed. It was the first official field trip of the new school year!

Everyone had jobs to do to prepare for the exciting day. Breakfast needed to be made, dishes then washed and a little brother to make sure was dressed in warm clothes. Abbey jumped to the task of assembling sandwiches for the picnic lunch in the hallow. Zak picked up his cars; and James cleaned out the van. The day was before us like an adventure just waiting to be enjoyed!

The old picnic basket was loaded with plates, glasses, sandwiches and cookies. A table cloth was brought for the tables in the hallow. Extra care was made ensure they did not forget the pillow cases for the pumpkin hunt! There was no fruit to be packed: as they were all eager to eat as much fruit as they wanted from the heavy bending branches ready to be picked from their ripe and ready bounty.With map in hand, bathroom break officially taken -( a prerequisite before entering the van) - buckles were secured and the engine started. Everyone was ready for the drive through the country. It was the first official field trip of the year - a trip to the orchard!

Oh, the beauty that surrounded them as they rode through the country. There were gardens that had been harvested from their summer crops - leaving only a few last crops in them finishing up the fall bounty. There were cows - and then more cows grazing upon the pastures - -green lush fall growth. They also noticed brown earth had been up heaved - after crops had been cleared. The thick brown dirt was being readied for the cold winter soon to be approaching. It seemed to reminded them of their hearts - needing so to be stirred over and over again - so truth would be able to sink in deep within - just like the earth needed the rain and moisture to settle deep beneath it's surface and supply the seeds with nutrients in the spring.
At last the orchard came into view! There was much talk of who was there, what they would see and where the long awaited "hallow" was. There was much anticipation of the hallow for none of the children had ever actually seen a hallow; and today they would not only see a hallow but would be eating their very own lunch right within it's clearing

The children meet their tour guide for the day. She looked like a retired teacher, and had a kind and friendly face about her. She hiked with them to the hallow. The hallow's official name was "Hawthorn Hallow". The kids thought that the name sounded spooky and the thrill of the adventure grew within them as they followed to the long anticipated picnic spot.

The hollow was surrounded by leaves, trees and hawthorn bushes. The guide told about the prickly hawthorn vines and showed how they could entangle and snag at little children's clothing as they passed by. Mom's hair even got tangled within the thieving branches - and she had to put it back up in it's place as the guide explained the schedule for the afternoon.

It was a small clearing; but perfect place for a picnic lunch. Peanut butter sandwiches, chips, and cookies filled the plates. The cool air seemed to be warming and the surrounding trees - kept the children sheltered from the breeze making the picnic most enjoyable.

After lunch the hike began through the orchard. Trees upon trees lined the acres of fields that they hiked through. Some trees were so full of fruit that their branches bent with the weight of the the luscious apples. Other trees were bare and empty and their branches stood up straight. Their work for the summer was done - their fruit harvested - and their winter rest ready to begin. The guide- who held Zak's hand through most of the tour - explained the need for crab apple trees ever so often placed amongst the apple trees. Cross pollination and the need for different pollen to produce good fruit was an interesting topic for the children to consider as they walked through the rows of apple trees.

An old man was filling an old pickup with buckets of fresh picked apples. His canine companion had made the trip with him and ran to greet the children as they walked through the orchard. Oh how happy he was to see the children! He jumped and ran around them - exerting more energy than he probably had in years. He looked to be an old dog - and not too obedient; for the old man with the long white beard had to call him several times before he obeyed and got into the loaded down truck.

The children learned how to pick an apple. They were also instructed why they needed to be careful around the precious trees. Apples were lying under the trees. The guide told the children that many of those apples were on the ground because people had not used care when picking apples there or walking by. She then explained the correct way to pick and apple. "Lift and twist... lift and twist...." The children got to practice several times in the air before they went to the trees to pick their very own apple! "Lift and twist... she continued to say - not really talking to anyone in particular; but more to remind them of their new found knowledge as they picked.

Baby trees that were 2 years old were visited in the nursery. They were young and little just like babies learning to walk. They needed extra care and help of a big metal stick planted beside them - to keep the standing upright. The children saw soap hanging around the small little tree. They found out that soap was there to keep the deer away from the delicate tree. Deer love apple trees! Clothes pins also kept the branches separated to allow the rain and sunshine to get to the branches. The children laughed that there was soap and clothes pins there on the little tree. It was like doing the laundry outside - but all on the tree instead!

The hike continued to the big barn where the sorting and refrigeration process were explained. The children learned how apples breath through the pores of their skin and need humidity to stay healthy. The guide asked what humidity was - and Zak - who surprised everyone said, "liquid air..." Even the guide was surprised!

At the end of the tour - the children were allowed to sample and taste different apples. Oh how sweet and crunchy the apples were! The juice from the apple ran down the chins; and smiles surrounded the chewing lips of all the children. Fresh apples were delicious!

The last of the tour was a trip to the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins were able to be chosen, weighed and purchased. It took awhile for the children to pick just the right pumpkin. A walk through the entire patch was done before any pumpkin was chosen. Finally the choices were made and lovingly pumpkins were chosen and adopted. Abbey chose hers first - and was glad to give Mom a great big smile along side her pumpkin. James found he had a big problem; because he had a big pumpkin. Too big for him to carry! Help was given and the pumpkin cared overhead of a bigger boy- with James trailing behind, smiling and laughing. He was so pleased with his choice of the day! Zak sat and watched the pumpkin picking. He was unable to get a pumpkin - for the money brought along to spend on his pumpkin went to pay for a jar of jam that he disobediently touched and broke in the process. Zak learned a lot about obedience; and was able to enjoy watching Abbey and James with their great finds.

There was much excitement over the weight of the pumpkins - especially James' BIG one! Everyone was surprised to find out that it was only a $5.00 pumpkin. Mom was also relieved to find out the price of the pumpkin - because it really was a big pumpkin. Abbey's pumpkin fell right at the $3.00 mark. It was fun operating and old farm scale out in the country.

When pumpkins were weighed - Mom went in and purchased a half a bushel of apples, the big pumpkins and a special treat for all - Carmel apples! Oh how delicious the apples were with Carmel and sprinkles covering them. Everyone got to enjoy a dessert picnic on the grass outside the barn - because Mom did not want the sticky apples brought into the van!

How special the trip to the orchard. How yummy the apple sauce will be when Mom and the girls fix it later this weekend. What beautiful memories - - on the first official field trip of the year. A trip to the Orchard!