Book of the Month - Book Review

I am planning on using the first Friday of each month to do a book review on my blog:  Book of the Month – Book Review.  I am really excited about being able to blog about some of the fantastic books that I come across and offer my reviews.  I plan on doing a lot of the book reviews on books that will help women with their day to day walk through life; or will enhance their walk with the Lord.  I plan also to do some reviews on fiction books that are a good read and inspirational.  I hope you will join me each month for the book review. (December’s post is late in getting posted; but I trust you will glean from the review and join me again in January for the next book review!)

For the very first review I have chosen the book by Teri Maxwell entitled Sweet Journey A Bible Study.  I read this book about a year ago and enjoyed it very much.  I also felt like it would be a good book to review and recommend as the New Year is coming.  Each December I take time to reflect on my quiet time with the Lord and to pray about what God would have me study during my Bible reading time for the following year. If you do the same, this would be a great book to help you in your Bible reading for this upcoming year.  It was a real blessing to me!  

Book Photo:  Titus

So many times as Mom’s and Wives we find it hard to find the time to spend in the Word.  This is so important; not because it is something we need to “DO” in order to be spiritual and good Moms; but because no other relationship is as important as the one between us and our Heavenly Father.  In her book Sweet Journey, Teri lays out the basics of Bible study and quiet time.  I loved how uncomplicated she makes it.  Sometimes I think it is easy for us to make it too complicated and then we don’t stick to making it a regular part of our lives. 

Teri spends the first several chapters of the book to lay the foundation of why time in the Word is so important for us as moms and wives.  I enjoy reading Teri’s writing because she comes through as someone who has struggled and not as someone who has not experienced hardships and is telling us to 'get a grip'.  Teri struggled with deep depression and is open about her struggles during those difficult times and how God’s Word brought Hope when she felt without hope.  It is very encouraging to see how God used His Word in her life and brought her through dark days.

The subject of prayer is also covered in this book.  She lays out ways she has found to make prayer time a priority and also to remember to pray for those whom she is concerned.  She covers the basics on how to lay out a prayer journal and how to use this tool during her quiet time with the Lord.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this book is the chapter entitled “Verse Notebook”.  Teri includes a list of different areas of her life wherein she struggled ( and some areas that other ladies have expressed weakness and difficulties in) and shows how she used the verse notebook to compile on verses that speak to those specific issues.  One of the areas where I have struggled for years was in the area of fear.  It was a blessing to me to use the principles of this chapter to really focus on God’s Word and what He has to say about Fear and Faith in my Christian life.  I truly was meditating on God’s Word in a specific area where I was struggling and saw how the Holy Spirit used the Word to bring victory in this matter of fear!   

The book is laid out like a ladies Bible study workbook and would be something you could use in a group setting, (or as Teri recommends, use in discipleship with your daughters).  There are places to answer questions and Teri encourages you to take steps through each chapter to develop the habit of spending time one- on- one with the Lord.

You can purchase the book at  I would highly recommend this book for purchase!  It will be a blessing to you and will be a great resource to have on your book shelf to come back to yourself or to use in discipleship with other ladies.  ( also offers a free shipping discount on orders over $35.  It is my opinion that the Maxwell’s books on Scheduling are the BEST resources available for families! The two books combined would give you free shipping and a vast amount of knowledge that would help you and your family!

I hope this book review has been helpful.  May the Lord bless your walk with Him!