A Living Thank You

I had the privilege this past week of attending the Baptist World Mission's annual meeting hosted this week at our church. It was a blessing to me to see so many preachers that I have grown up hearing throughout the years. To see their faithful service to the Lord was a blessing to me!

This Monday night's meeting was extra special in that, my pastor from years gone by was there attending the meeting. He is older now, walks a bit slower and his body is a bit leaner than in years gone by; but he still is faithfully serving the Lord.

I was able to sit down and talk with him about some things. It was an absolute joy. I wondered if he even realizes what an impact he had on my life? I owe a lot to this man of God. I grew up in his church listening to his preaching Sunday after Sunday. I was there as a little girl - too young to understand most of what he was preaching - but sat and listened quietly as I had been taught. I grew older in his church and his messages became clearer as I matured. I have always admired his zeal, his fervency for truth. I LOVED the Bible stories that he told in chapel - (his Bible story of Naaman is my absolute all time favorite!)

He preached my sixth grade commencement service. He preached out of Daniel One. I can remember his message as if it was yesterday. He challenged us to purpose in our hearts as Daniel did to not defile ourselves with the things of this world. "Does he realize how much I have thought of that message in years gone by?"

I remember often turning on the radio at lunch time to listen to him preach. I sat in awe that the man on the radio was my pastor. He was larger than life to me and I respected him. He stood for truth - and I was challenged by his stand more than once!

As I sat there with him Monday night; I wanted to tell him how much his life has meant to me. How greatly his walk with God has impacted my life for Christ. I found that my lips could not convey the deep appreciation I have for his sacrifice for the Gospel. I told him how good it was to see him and how great it was to talk with him again; and as I watched him walk slowly away I wondered, "How do you tell a man who forever impacted your life for eternity - 'thank you'?"

I realized it was a thank you that could not be uttered with words or emotions - for there are none that can correctly convey the depth of gratitude to one so dear. This thank you is one that must be shown - a lived out thanks.

Tonight I purposed once again to hold the banner high - to stand for truth and never waver; for there are those who have gone before that - stood. They paid the price - and often stood alone. The banner is being passed on - it is this generation's responsibility to keep the banner where it has been - for the "Cloud of Witnesses" that has gone on before, and soon will be going on ahead deserves our faithfulness to the gospel they held so dear.

My life will be my thanks....

"Pastor Nelson, thank you for standing for truth. Thank you for your faithfulness to God. Thank you for being my pastor. You have forever impacted my life for Christ. "To God be the glory, great things He hath done."

Pressing on,

Weighing in on the Election

I am having a hard time this election year because...

*I have a hard time saying that a man has character when he has not been loyal to the vows he made to his wife at the wedding altar.

*Character matters - and a man who is seeing a woman while he is still legally married to another women fails to pass the character test in my eyes.

*I still believe that the best place for a woman with small children is at home spending the majority of her efforts being a Mom. (I also believe that the Bible clearly backs up this position.)

*I have a hard time understanding how a person who says she values family agrees to appear on a show that does it's best to under mind the very institution that she says is most dear to her.

*I have a hard time swallowing the "Deborah" line of thinking - when her husband is standing beside her in agreement with her positions.
*I am tired of having to choose between the lesser of the two evils.

*This presidential candidate's past religious experimentation's quite honestly - scares me!

*A wife whose husband is running for president and has only recently felt that she is proud of her country quite honestly - offends me.

*I do not view any child as a mistake.

I wish there was another to choose from ... and in a small respect there is. My patriotic spirit loved what John Adam's so fitly said years ago:
Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost -John Adams

So many uncertainties - so many quandaries - but... there are a few things that I know for certain...

*The cause of America's problems is not her politics

*The answers to America's problems will never be answered in the political arena

*The Christian's of America have more ability to change the world we live in than any political party could ever hope for

So, while I am still wishing that there was more to choose from, I have been challenged to live my life as a Christian in a way that will make and impact. To live apart from the world so that the world can see that there is a difference. I have recommitted myself to the values and principles of God's Word.
The only hope America's future is for Christian's to turn back to God and live a first century church lifestyle in today's day and age. I must accept personal responsibility and realize that this starts with me. As a Christian I have an obligation to God and to America to walk worthy of my calling.
Even so come Lord Jesus!"



There is a definite chill in the brisk fall air. The birds fly overhead to the marsh preparing for their southern flight for the winter.

Tulip and Daffodil bulbs have been planted. Squirrels and chipmunks scurry through the yard finding gifts for their winter pantry, supplied to them by the tall chestnut tree in the back yard. Birdseed has been purchased for our feathered friends braving out a cold Wisconsin winter; and a curious six year old little boy sits by the kitchen window waiting to see one of the birds partake out of his bird feeder.

The freezer has been gone through, inventoried and is ready for the winter ahead. The basement is straightened and organized - our basement pantry shelves hold cans of veggies that will fill up the stew pots come December and January. Cans of pumpkin entice me to turn on the stove and make up some delicious pumpkin bars with gooey cream cheese frosting - or perhaps a luscious pumpkin pie. Cinnamon granola was made during an evening last week. We all savored the taste of the oats as we enjoyed a bowl the next morning for breakfast.

The "Little One" has crawling down to an art form and practices her little walk around all of the furniture. We are excitedly awaiting the adoption date coming here in the next few weeks - Lord willing! The others are well into their school work for the year. Violin practice fills the house each morning at 9:15 as each of the older children take a room of the house and go over their repetitions and songs. It is a good time for the younger ones to get outside and play or go for a walk around the block with Mom.

My wool socks are out and on my feet as I type this post. Hardwood floors are a bit chillier than carpeted and we have a fair amount of rooms in this house without carpet. Sweaters now are part of our normal everyday attire and I like it like that! I love my winter clothes oh so much better than my summer wardrobe. Winter coats will be taken from their moving boxes and be washed and ready for the chilly days that are already here. I have delayed this task as long as I could - it is now time to get the kids their coats out.

The 45 minute drive to church is breathtaking as we pass farm after farm. We are surrounded by God's beauty. I find my words are limited as we travel up these country roads - for the beauty that encompasses us enthrals me to sit and enjoy rather than talk. The golden colors of yellows are too numerous to mention each shade. The yellows and reds are so luscious you almost wish you could eat them - for the leaves are so vibrant that they look like candy hanging from the trees. The fields of corn are ready to be harvested and I am constantly reminded of Christ's statement on the fields being "white unto harvest". How wonderful that He spoke in word pictures - my mind comprehends so much better that way. I find it interesting how viewing nature makes me think of God so much. What beauty and lessons are seen from the masterpiece He has created in the nature that surrounds us.

Yes, fall is here - and we are loving it! Hope you are enjoying the beauty that surrounds you at this time of year - weather in nature or in the beautiful gift of family. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am glad you did.



Have I Lost My Mind?

Sometime today, it came to my attention that my brain is going a hundred miles an hour - and during the journey - I pass my time letting my mind wonder. Mostly through question after question after question. (These particular questions are not asked by my kids, and I do not utter them out loud - they are played in my mind for my enjoyment!)

I thought I would share a few with you... Perhaps you will find your mind on a similar journey! The funny thing is how quickly our thoughts change and go from thing to thing. I guess that makes life so much more exciting! Here is my ongoing Q&A time - for time sake, I am just sharing with you the "Q" part!

Will the weather be nice enough to hang out the laundry today?

Will I like that new tea I purchased?

What will Zak be like when he is 21 - will he ever be 21?

When did I get all of this gray hair?

Where are Rachel's quiz books?

How much longer until the kids will be done practicing their violin!?

Is the phone ringing? I wonder if it is Rob calling on his break?

What is my blood pressure this afternoon?

Do I look old? Did I think my Mom looked old at 37?

Where will Rob and I go tonight on our date?

Can I take my camera in and get it fixed tonight?

What time is it?

Will my Little One wake up just as I get into bed?

Did I set the alarm?

Will I get up when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning?

Trust you day is full of questions just waiting to be answered. What a boring life this would be if we knew what was happening next. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did!


Hitting the High Notes Someday?

Our "Little One" loves music. If the children are practicing their violin's she is right under their feet listening to them. If I am playing the piano - she is right next to me playing the notes at the top of the piano while I continue on. She loves music!

Well, today she showed us that she loves opera. I try to play classical music in the afternoons and had one CD in that I had not listened to in years. When I came into the front room she had crawled over and was sitting right in front of the entertainment center, face up towards the CD player, rocking back and forth to the music. If I turned it off - she made an obvious protest that she wanted her music back on. So, I thought I would let you watch a video I found of the particular piece to which I found her so captivated. ( This was the best video I could find of the piece - there are a few introductions before the song - just fast forward the video to the 1:00 mark when the actual song starts - oh and don't forget to turn off my music at the bottom of the page before you do! ;) Enjoy!

Giveaway at the Farm

I found a new blog today. I thought I would pass on the information to you.

The Eclectic Farm is hosting a giveaway over at her place - and you just might want to go and take a look - see! Enjoy the farm!

Enjoying My Day

Visiting with family and catching up

Watching my baby smile at her Papa

Listening to my oldest son talk about his early morning fishing time with Papa

Giving my oldest her Spanish Quiz

Watching Abbey play with her baby sister

Watching clean diapers blow with the wind - fall colors surrounding my view

Watching my Little One's feet kick with glee as she was pushed in her swing hanging from the Crab apple tree

Enjoying the little things. Feeling quite blessed. Wishing you the same. Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



Staying Safe

Many people invest in a home security system to protect their homes. You see the little markers in their yards stating the company they are trusting for protection. Our yard has been throuly marked by our security systems logo system - (at times there are so many markers it is hard to walk through the yard!)

We have made an investment as well - times are tough! I think our security system is superior to those in the competitive market. Albeit, ours is much more expensive in the long run! We have decided to look at it as an investment in the future.

Trust you are enjoying the blessings God has given you. Thanks for stopping by - I'm glad you did!