Birthday Singing

It was 5:15this morning - I was packing lunches for the kids; I was asked, in the sweetest voice he could muster:"Mommy, would you sing Happy Birthday to me?"

My voice was not the best that early in the morning; but I did my best.

He quickly left the kitchen - and went and found Rob, "Daddy, could you sing me Happy Birthday?" Daddy obliged his request too.

Then,it was to his brother's side her ran, same request. James waited till he got ready to leave for school -ran up and sang Happy Birthday to his little brother.

You will find us tonight - celebrating him. So thankful for the blessing he is to our home!!

Happy Birthday,Zak. We love you. So glad you are part of our family.

Diplomacy Defined

Mom: Zak, I want you to take this laundry basket downstairs; and put it on the washer machine.

Zak: (taking the basket and heading down the steps) How about if I take it down for you I get 2 peanut butter sandwiches for lunch?

Mom: Just take down the basket...

Zak: Two sandwiches?

Mom: No, you won't get 2 sandwiches; but you will have 1 happy Mom.

Zak: (resigning himself to the task) - I would rather have the sandwiches

I am thinking of contacting the American government - He may make a fine secretary of state - diplomacy seems to come naturally to him.

Enjoying the fall weather and so thankful you stopped by.



A Note to Momma

Watch me, Momma as I go down the slide again and again - there will come a day when slides will be a thing of the past.

Cheer for me, Momma when I master the stairs, use the potty and count to ten. These are the skills you get to teach - and enjoy when I master.

Walk with me, Momma and enjoy watching my eyes as I take in the sights and sounds all around me.

Hold me, Momma as you read me the book - over and over again. Watch me point to the dog, the cat, the bird. Find amazement in the wonder of learning once again when you look into my eyes.

Laugh with me, Momma, when you tickle me. The day is coming when my tickle spots will not be ticklish anymore - and I much too big to wrestle with on the floor.

Enjoy me, Momma; for these are the moments that shape me - and mold me into the young lady I will be someday - not too far away.

Trying to enjoy every precious moment with her.

Excitement and Change

We sat with them on a Thursday - Dad told them God had provided a way for them to attend the Christian school. There were tears shed as the realization that God had answered prayers. There also was clapping and an overwhelming sense of excitement. In days they would start school - and would have to leave the house to get there!

Friday was spent purchasing school supplies and making sure that they had the clothes they needed to start school on Monday.

Saturday was spent at the schools open house - listening, learning and taking it all in. It was like a dream - so much - so unexpected - so happy they were!

James was thrilled to see his classroom. Imagine the thrill of a fifth grader to see this as one of the bulletin boards in his classroom.

A bit sheepish about having his Mom and a camera in the same room - this was about as good as I could get:

There were locker combinations to learn - and the skill needed to master the lock. Abbey picked up on in quicker than expected.

Then there was the inside of the lockers to decorate - a desire they thought would never happen in their lifetime. Lockers - THEIR OWN lockers.

We left the school grounds that Saturday afternoon - registrations and rule book in hand- and some pretty excited children in the back seat. One of the kids said, "I don't think I will be able to sleep at all on Sunday night - I am so excited!" That about summed it up - seems sleep is often hard to get before beginning a new chapter in life.

Trust your days are filled with happy times and memories. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



Life Lessons

Our house is at the top of the hill. I liked it when I thought about the safety of our home should the river ever flood - (hey I was in North Dakota in '97 - some things never leave your cognisance!) Our house and our neighbor's house adorn the top - the very crest of the hill. I like the location of our house.

Unless... I am walking to it. You see since it is at the top of the hill there is no easy way to walk to our house. You always have to go uphill to get to our house; making the last 2 minutes of any walk the hardest part.

It was on a walk today that Zak began complaining. His legs were tired and he just wanted to be home - the home he saw just feet in front of him. He made sure that he told me how much he was tired of walking - how he wanted to stop and never walk again. The whine in his voice finally drew me to an understanding that I needed to take care of the attitude behind his complaints.

I told him I knew his legs were tired ( I knew because mine were too!). I then went on to tell him the reason why his legs were tired. I showed him the hill and explained that it took more effort walking up a hill than down the hill. (I also was stalling for time - to allow my legs a bit of a reprieve from the climb). I encouragingly said that we were almost home and then he could sit down and rest.

We began our uphill trek again but we had not taken more than ten steps when the his complaints resounded. This time I did not try to reason with him, or coax him into the exercise before him. I simply leaned down and said, "You are complaining and it will stop right now. I know your legs hurt; but you need to stop complaining - now."

To a passerby, perhaps I would be viewed as a Mom with a lack of compassion. Yet, I view it differently. I am training him for the future - for life. Not always will the task in front of him be easy - sometimes it may even hurt. With the future in the forefront, I view this as an opportunity to train - the heart. I must not look just at the circumstances that confront me today in the here and now. I must look at this is opportunities - conditioning grounds, should we say, - for his future.

It was a joy to my heart to see his eyes meet mine - and know that he understood. Without another complaint he finished his walk to the house. Within minutes of being inside his legs had stopped hurting and he was playing with his cars on the floor. Yet, I think - I hope - I pray that he took away from that walk much more. Life is not about ease - it is about doing what you are supposed to do with the right heart attitude - even if it hurts.

Sometimes in the ministry I will listen to adults complaining about how hard serving God is.

"It's just so hard to get the kids ready for prayer meeting after a long day at school."

"Teaching a Sunday school class requires too much time to prepare."

"Dressing modestly requires too much effort."

The list could go on and on. I have had my own complaints down through the years. The complaints came when the focus was on me - and my convenience. How I want to instill within my children that life is not all about them, life is not always easy.

I wonder how the cause of Christ would be affected if we all would own this life lesson? Today I purpose to try to walk through the hard times of life quietly; and as I walk, I will remember - I am not quite home yet.

Thanks so much for stopping by I am so glad you did.



Twice Blessed

My days are different now. Lunches are assembled as the sun is rising in the sky. Breakfast is placed on the table and it is I who gets the little ones their early morning food. Different because I had helpers three weeks ago that fed, changed and dressed their younger counterparts. Now, you will find them getting themselves not only ready for the day; but a day away from the house. A day in the classroom of their school.

School is going great. They love it. The first week I could not believe how much I could get done with the older ones being taught by someone else. That was week one. This is the finishing of week two. Housework has been caught up - laundry is being maintained and I find myself missing them.

I wonder how their classes are doing. I find myself praying that they will remember the things we quizzed over last night during their homework time.

I muse over whether their lunch was hot enough - their water bottle cold enough. I smile as I think about what their faces looked like when they found the little treat I cleverly hid in their lunch box without them knowing.

And ... as I think - I take Anna to the potty - tie Zak's shoes - and a variety of other activities that my helpers did just weeks ago. I find myself amazed at how surreal life is now. It is like I have been transported back 15 years when I had just two children. There were noses to wipe then - just like now. It is with this thought that I find myself most blessed - I am getting to relive being a Mommy - twice.
I whisper a prayer of thanks to God -- as I run in and make sure the basement door is closed keeping a toddler safe from harm.

So thankful for His blessings; and so glad you stopped by.