The First Time we Met

It has been one year ago today since we met her. How much love and joy she has brought into our lives this past year! We indeed are blessed.

(First Visit with our baby to be: April 29, 2008)

(First feeding from Mom - how my heart was beating with joy!)

(First Picture with Daddy and Mommy - April 29, 2008)

"For this child I prayed..."

We were able to do a gradual placement with Anna. That way moving to a new house and family was not so overwhelming to her. Over the next few days I will be posting more pictures of our firsts with her. I just can not believe it has been a year already! Hope you won't mind my stroll down memory lane. :)

Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did.


Dear Grandmother

(Grandmother- the way I remember her...)

Dear Grandmother,

It's been two years since we said goodbye. I miss you. Today would have been your birthday - you missed celebrating your 90Th birthday by eight days. I have chosen to remember your birthday - April 28, rather than the day you left us, April 20Th. I think you would have wanted it that way.

I missed saying goodbye to you face to face by only a few hours. I wish the plane could have gotten me there faster; but somehow, while I was on the plane I knew you were gone. The phone call the night before would be my last time talking with you. I wish I could have said goodbye - but that missed wish will only make our reuniting just a bit sweeter. I miss you!

I miss your voice, your birthday cards that you would send me. I miss not being able to sit down a write you a letter about my life here. There was so much I still wanted to learn from you. You possessed the character I can only dream of having. Your stamina and "never-quit" attitude have inspired me for years - but more so since you have been gone.

(Grandmother and her Children)

Yet, as much as I miss you - I am happy for you. Happy your pain is over. Happy that your neck doesn't hurt anymore. Happy that you know the sights of Heaven - the sights my faith longs to see. Happy that you and Grandaddy are reunited once again. Happy that your with my Ally - and wondering if you knew her.

(Grandmother and my Mom - shortly before her home going)

Life has gone on - it always does. The kids are fine. We have one more since you have left us. you would have loved her! She has filled a hole in my heart that could have only been filled with her - we met her one year ago. I wish you could have seen her before you left us.

So, on your birthday - I will remember you. I know you would not want me to cry; but that is one wish you will not be able to have. I cry - because I miss you - more than you could ever know.

Happy Birthday, Grandmother!

I love you - and always will.

Till We Meet Again,


The Blessing of Family

We try very hard to be able to enjoy dinner together as a family. Last night we were successful! As we ate, I watched as Rachel fed Anna, Zak laughed with his Daddy and Abbey and James carried on a conversation. I felt so blessed to watch my family eating together - enjoying the meal time - together as a family

I had this overwhelming feeling come over me - when I realized I have no idea just how blessed i truly am! My heart was full just being able to be with my family.

(Now, I will try to remember this feeling the next time I catch Zak using toothpaste to paint the bathroom mirror. Yes, toothpaste (an entire tube!) - and yes, the bathroom mirror!

Trust you week is blessed and you are enjoying the joy of family. Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



The Great Exchange

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday - I trust you did too.

Perhaps never in my life have I seen the cross as clearly as I did this past Sunday. To see His love - for me. All He endured - for me. All His sacrifice accomplished - for me! Sunday, in my heart I knelt before that cross - and found myself amazed at His sacrifice.

Oh where would my life be if He had not come.

I would have: hope
...constant guilt
...loneliness purpose future
His wounds for my transgressions
His bruises for my iniquities
His punishment for my peace
His stripes for my healing.

Hallelujah what a Saviour. May His sacrifice never become dull to my heart!!

Trust you are able to stand amazed in His love - it has forever changed my life!


Independent Concentration

I try... but it is hard - to allow your children to do things for themselves; even if it means there is a bit more mess involved. I want them to be around me - helping me - learning.

Life gets a little more complicated in the child raising department when you have been blessed with a special needs child. The nights are longer. The childhood milestones take longer to reach. Simple things are difficult. Things that I can do quickly and with little to no mess become time consuming tasks for Zak and usually there is a fair amount of cleanup awaiting me. I find it is easier - man times - just to do it myself. But when I cave in I find something precious missing from the equation. The twinkle in his eye that says, "I did it!"

I captured him doing, learning and being productive. The look of total concentration and focus on his work encouraged me to keep pushing - to keep teaching. I want a boy that can say:
"I did it!"
"I am important!"
" My family needs me."
"I have a purpose!"
I took these pictures to remind me what it's all about.

May I never forget that it is my job as his Mom to take him as far as he can go.

"God give me patience to allow him to learn; and God, through him teach me - there is so much I need to learn!"



The Hidden Staircase

This Friday for S&T I wanted to share a little gift my husband made for me. The up stair's hallway in our other house had plenty of room for books and for ready to boot. Our new house has a bit of a different lay out and not nearly the same amount of room in the hall upstairs. I was wondering what we would do with all the kids' books. My husband told me he had a plan and set to work. I was not unhappy with the results:

(Before picture - not sure if you can make it out - but the railing was REALLY low!)

My husband took off the railing and made a small bookshelf underneath for some of the kids' books:

He then made a floor to ceiling bookshelf on the top of the staircase. Even more room for books.

I was so happy with his gift to me. I am so thankful that I have a husband who is willing to make our house a home. I certainly loved this gift - maybe even better than flowers - well, almost that much!

I was thinking about all the children's books I love to read. On the top of my list is the Little House on the Prairie Series.

Another favorite is the Elsie Dinsmore series - I love old classic books!

Then there is also the Anne of Green Gable series - no girl alive should be allowed to graduate from Jr high without having read those books.

However, my all time favorite series from when I was just a girl is the Joy Sparton series. How I love those books. I do think they are all out of print now - but those have remained my favorite childhood series of all time. (This is the actual copy I had as a girl. I remember staying up late and reading in bed. I would start laughing so hard - my Mom would come in and tell me that it was much too late to be up and I needed to get to bed. Of course, I would beg to read just ONE more chapter...)

What is your favorite childhood book?

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The New Cut

Well, I finally think I have found a beautician I like. What's more - my husband was pleased with the results too - I will be honest and tell you that does not happen much. (Especially after 5 inches were cut off !!) I can not believe how quickly I can get around in the morning!! WOW!