The Good and the Bad of It

We have been busy getting settled into the new house. We have had neighbors come and visit - introducing themselves and giving us plates of goodies to welcome us to the neighborhood. (I have never had someone come and welcome me to a new house with treats and goodies - it really does feel like Mayberry!!)

It seems that people somehow remember our Zak. They will all say hi to us - but they will say, "Hi, Zak" to him. I guess he has a personality that is hard to forget. Some days that is good - others it is bad. Zak also seems to enjoy getting to know new people - and there is not a person in this world with which he is afraid to talk.

The other day, he was playing outside in the yard when the neighbor next door got home from work. Now, this man is defiantly a blue collar worker and comes home looking like he has done a week's worth of work in just one day- and has the grease, grim and dirt to prove it!

He got out of his "worker truck", as Zak so adequately named it and said a friendly hello to Zak. Zak sat quiet for once just looking at him - then asked, "Are you a good guy, or a bad guy - I can't tell?"

I was thankful that the neighbor laughed and said happily - "I'm a good guy Zak!" To which Zak said whole hearty, "I thought so, I just couldn't tell for sure."

I wish in the every day really life world it was that easy to tell the good from the bad. Yet, I am thankful that God has allowed me to watch over him and keep him safe and innocent from the evils of the world around him. I am also thankful that our neighbor is a 'good guy' - with a hearty laugh that is contagious and uplifting.

Trust you are having a good day. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



Feeling Like Home

The process seems to be taking forever. I have had trouble feeling like this new house is home. I miss our old house. We had put a lot of work into to make it ours. It felt like ours, looked like ours and smelt like ours. Now, I have found myself in another house that lacks all of the familiar. It has been difficult for me.

Yesterday I heard a knock on the door. As I opened the door, I noticed the hands of the lady standing before me were shaking and she seemed unsure of what to say. "Perhaps a neighbor welcoming us into the neighborhood," I mused. I listened as she explained the reason for her visit.
"My Dad used to live at this house. I have the garage door opener and I wanted to drop it off." I suddenly understood the reason for her shaking voice and hands. We had purchased the home through and estate. I am led to believe that grief was causing the quiver in her voice - grief has done that to me a time or two.

I quickly invited her in and asked her to come sit down. I offered her something to drink and then sat across the room from her. I wanted to hear more. I asked her about her father, her family and her memories; and I asked her about the old house.

She had been 12 when they moved into this old house 60 years ago. She told me about her bedroom upstairs and how she shared it with her sister. She told me about playing house in the attic and where she played with her dolls. She reminisced about her summers in the yard and neighborhood. She cried as she told me about her Mother's untimely death when she was just 15 years old; and how suddenly. as the oldest daughter, the house became hers as the responsibilities of housework rested on her shoulders. She told how the neighbor lady next door (whom I met this past weekend) took her under her wing and taught a young grieving girl how to be a homemaker much before her time.

She told me about her late father who passed away in February. His heroic acts in World War II and the medals that she found when she was packing away his things. She told me how kind and compassionate he was and how healthy and full of life he had been before the cancer. She told me how she lived here and cared for him his last 3 months as health deteriorated. She paused and asked if talking about her father's death bothered me. I assured her it didn't - birth and death are all a natural part of life. She told how he wanted to die at home and how peaceful and painless his death was just a few months ago. She held my baby closer and cried as she told me how much she missed him. Then she told me how thankful she was that a family had moved into the old place.

She stood up to leave much sooner than I would have liked. We embraced before she left; and I felt like I had made a new friend. As she hugged me goodbye, I could tell the grief was still so hard for her to bear; and yet, seeing the kids and the happiness in the home now somehow helped her. She told me how happy her visit had made her and how happy her father would be to know there were children in the old house once again.

I waved goodbye to her from the porch and watched as she drove away. I walked back into the house. Suddenly, it did not feel so foreign to me anymore. I now understood a bit of the laughter and the pain that had been here before us; and after the short visit, the house felt like home. Funny how perspectives can change in such a short time. I'm finding myself loving this old place. Our home sweet home.

Thanks so much for stopping by; I am so glad you did!


Leading Them to God

It was a problem I could not make better. It was a little problem to me; but a big problem to my son. He came to me - fear in his eyes - concern on his heart and wanted me to take care of the problem; but I couldn't. I was incapable of handling the situation.

I pointed the hurting,fearful heart to the Lord. "God can fight your battle - God can defend your name. You need to trust Him with the problem. He will either stop your accusers and shut their mouths; or He will give you grace to endure. " He then bowed his head in prayer asking God for help in his 'time of trouble.'

I continued to drive the van. All was silent - my son, with ball cap removed and eyes closed was taking his request to God. Yet, not all was quiet in my heart. "Had I said the right thing? Was I leading him to a false hope...?" Yet scripture rang through in my mind - God is our defender, our help our strong tower. Yet, I realized that I did not want to point him to God and then not have God show Himself mighty. I prayed in my heart, "Please God, hear his prayer, show yourself strong." (It became evident to me that perhaps my prayer was even more fervent than the prayer of my son.) How I wanted him to see God work; and yet, in the bottom of my heart I felt a small twinge of anxiety: "But, what if He didn't?"

It was several hours later. I was greeted by his smile and his testimony. "God took care of it Mom!" He filled me in on not only how God took care of the situation; but how he saw God do exceeding abundantly above what he had even asked of him. The light in his eyes opened a window into his soul. A soul that stood in awe of his God.

This incident has made me ponder. How many times have I not directed my children to God in fear that God might not come through for them; and have instead through my own efforts tried to take care of problems in my own strength. How many times have I stifled an opportunity to let God work in and through a situation?

"Please Lord, increase my faith. Cause my faith in you to be so strong that I can with all assurance send my children before your throne making their requests known to you. Remove my self efforts from the picture and help them to see you!"

"I believe... help Thou my unbelief..."

I trust you are growing in your walk with the Lord. That you are allowing the blessings God has brought into your life to point you to Him and in turn point others to Him. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did!

Resting in Him,

Lay Me Down to Sleep - but where?...

Each family that moves can attest to the fact that every move is filled with mishaps and setbacks. You just do not move a family of 7 without a few ruffles in the covers. Well, this move has taken the cake to every move we have ever made up to this point. It has been filled with one inconvenience after another!
One such 'inconvenience' was the mistake of leaving the crib at the old house in the attic. (It was the last thing that needed to be brought down out of the attic - it also was the last thing that we forgot to get into the truck!) So, our new little one has been spending her nights in her pack and play while we try to find the time and the money to purchase a new crib. (This has not been really too bad for her - as we had not yet set up the crib for her at the old house, knowing we would be moving in a few weeks and would have to tear it down relatively soon after putting it up - so she is very used to her pack and play!)

This afternoon there was a sign for a garage sale in our neighborhood. I decided to do a quick run and see if they happened to have any baby stuff. ( I have been praying that God would allow me to find a garage sale with a crib). Well, the Lord answered my prayers and I was able to purchase a crib for $20.00. It was good to get to know another set of neighbors in this small town - and also bring home a crib for baby.

God is good. I am so glad that He knows just what we need and answers prayers. I am so glad that God provides for our needs and also for our mistakes. What a loving Heavenly Father we have - it is neat to see Him meet the little needs in our everyday life.

Trust you are resting in His care and promises. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did!



Burdens and Blessings

Our first meeting went very well. Sorry that there have not been updates; but our computer had some 'issues' and we were finally able to resolve them this morning.

Seems like life is just running full speed ahead - and crashing into things in the process! There were some unexpected 'things' in the move - as there are in every move! We are slowly; but surely getting boxes unpacked, pictures hung and the kitchen organized into working condition. The washing machine is working and the dryer finally is hooked up. I am surrounded by laundry piles and trying to get caught up with that - (it feels like a loosing battle!)

Our little one has been sick for this past week. I took her in yesterday afternoon - (I spent the morning on the phone trying to locate a doctor within reasonable driving distance!). She was diagnosed with Rotavirus - need I say more. Life has been more than interesting. I was able to get a load of diapers hung this afternoon; but alas, it looks like rain. (nothing brings rain faster than a newly hung load of laundry!)

I am finding myself a bit overwhelmed and with a distinct feeling that I do not care to EVER move again. I do not know if things could get much worse; but I am assured that if they can - I will soon find out.

In spite of everything, I find that God is good and it is nice to sit down after unloading boxes and think about the blessings I have in my life. Even through difficult times - there still are more blessings that I can count. I am purposing to focus on the blessings and try to find my new life here on box at a time.

Counting my Blessings,!


Our First Meeting!!

Please be in prayer for us as we head out this weekend for our first set of meetings. We are excited and a bit nervous. It seems like things are coming at us from every corner. We are still busy getting unpacked and settled and also preparing for the meetings. We are glad that God gives grace and strength!

Our first meeting is this evening. Rob will be preaching and the kids singing and doing some special musical numbers. We then have two services tomorrow. Pray for God's wisdom for us and for hearts to be touched by the power of the Word of God.

I will fill you in on the weekend when we return home. Thanks for your prayers. I trust you have a wonderful weekend and are challenged by the things of God at your church services. God is good!!



All Moved In - Update

What a week we have had! I am finally back with the computer and feeling pretty happy about it! Amazing how much you can miss the blog world when you are gone.

The move went remarkably well. There have been little things here and there as big changes often produce; but we are moved in and getting unpacked. I have had a little bit of sadness missing the familiar. Funny how you find comfort and security in the normal everyday. So, I am busy getting unpacked and trying to get to a new normal.

The kids have handled the move well. All of the older kids where such a blessing and help throughout the big move. I am not just saying this - but I could NOT have done it without them. It has been good to work together as a team and grow closer together throughout the process. Zak has done better than expected. I have had mild issues yesterday and today with his behaviour. However, his speech - which usually is the first to go during crisis times - has been better than normal. I am thanking the Lord for this blessing. Our new little one - well, she has been quite intrigued by all of the changes. She has not been bad - just has decided that she would rather see what is going on - than take a nap. She also is busy trying to get up and walk!! I am thankful for older kids that I can ask to take her on a walk just to get her off the floor and into confined quarters for a few minutes!!

I am just thankful for everything that has transpired throughout the last weeks. God has given strength to us as we had so much to do. He has given grace to us as we look and see all He has done to bring us to this point and time. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement about Zak. I will update further about the tests results. We are still researching and trying to find the best solution for his challenges. We continue to pray for wisdom and find comfort in your encouragement and prayers.

I am so happy to be back - trust you are having a wonderful day reflecting on God's goodness to you.