His Provision

We were heading home. The roads suddenly became ice as the temperatures cooled the falling rain into a hardened form. Our limitations became clear to us as we saw car after car go sliding into the ditches around us. The car in front of us completely turned around in a circle. Police lights and flares warned of the hazardous conditions. Cars realizing the warning hit their brakes and slid helplessly on the traveled road.

It was scary. Out of our five children only three were with us for the trip home. The baby was sleeping soundly in her car seat. The other two were watching with their eyes glued to the road. It was scary. Abbey told Daddy, "I am so scared", over and over. Her thoughts matched mine exactly. I was just praying that God would give us safety and provision.

He did. He always does. We were only a few blocks from a church member's home. It became our haven for the night as we waited out the storm. Sleep came easily, even though we were displaced. Such a big week we had just encountered.

We headed home in the morning on clear roads, with a clear blue sky to boot! I stepped in my door, thankful to be home. Thankful also that God uses others to provide for the needs of the saints. Such a grateful heart I had for a family that was willing to sacrifice for us. I prayed and asked God to someday soon allow us to be vessels of provision for anther Christian in need of His provision. I am awaiting His answer with eagerness.

Rejoicing in His Watchful Care,


The Smile

This is the smile that greets me every morning.
I am amazed at the beauty He creates.
I am thankful He has chosen to share His creation with me.

The Christ Life

This week has been a busy one! Our church hosted the annual Holiness Conference. The theme this year was "Life in Christ". I can not tell you how much it blessed my heart to be under the preaching of God's word for an entire four days. God has taught me much.

We ended the conference with the choir and congregation singing "Holy Holy Holy"; and during the song I thought about how excited I am to serve the Lord and to do what He has for me to do. So many times in this day and age we Christians tend to think about how hard living the Christian life is. Christianity as a whole, has lost focus on the very reason we are here - to share Christ with the world.

God showed me this week how my lack of faith and limited time in prayer cause me to loose sight of the bigger picture. I have not been in love with the Lord the way I should. I have not been focused on Him; and appropriating through Him the 'Christ Life'. Because of that, I have found myself defeated and not seeing God work as much as I could. (It is kind of hard to see answers to prayer when I am not laboring in prayer with Him!) The lack of devotion to Him personally can lead to a lack of faith - unbelief. Unbelief in what God wants to do is nothing more than SIN. Ah, how this truth became clear to me. Doubting what God has said He will do is sin. Sin takes me away from God; and leads to a focus on self and situations.

During the last song of the conference I thought of how different my focus was that night than at the beginning of the week. No longer am I only hoping for His coming - but rather rejoicing in the promise of his coming and focused on accomplishing what God has for me until His return. A much more victorious change of perspective.

I am rejoicing that He is still speaking to me. What a joy to know the Creator of the Universe is interested in me. Trust you know His presence and are living the abundantly full Christ Life.



In Love

Watching the two of them grow in love for each other has been fun. They enjoy each other's company most of the time.

Zak loves having a baby sister! (Except when she crys and when she gets into his cars).

Anna loves having a big brother! (Except when he keeps trying to play with her when she wants to read, and when he is sitting on the part of the couch that she wants to occupy.)

Trust you are enjoying your family too. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did!


Medical Malpractice

Within the past two weeks Zak met with yet another doctor. He has many. I have liked them all - until I met this one.

I find it hard to accept that there are people who feel that because they have a degree on the wall and wear a white jacket, they can intimidate and verbally accost parents. They are the playground bullies - only this is not a game being played at recess - it is life and the welfare of children is at stake because of their twisted and warped need to control.

This particular doctor was a bully of the worst nature. He wanted to be the one calling the shots for my son's care and treatment. A place that is not rightfully his - but he wanted to push his weight around to see if he could volley for the position. He lost - the position had already been filled. He was mean. He was hatefully. In all my years of dealing with doctors - he is the first to behave in such a manner.

It became obvious to me after the two hour visit, that I could not work with a doctor who did not choose to respect my decision to stay involved in my sons life. This involvement includes his education, his health, and his emotional well being.

I called him and told him we would not be needing his services. He acted predictably (although not professionally) and hung up on me while I was talking. It seemed an appropriate way to part company.

So for all the doctors out there with this mentality I want to declare just a few foundational beliefs I have:

I appreciate your dedication to health and the well being of children. However, when I take my son in for your evaluations, I am not checking my brain at the door. Just because my son is in your patient record file does not mean that you have final say in what is best for him. I have invested more in my son than you ever will - and for that reason alone I hold a higher rank in the decisions that are made in his regard.

The hours you spent in studying for your line of work do not even come close the the hours of study and labor I have spent, and will spend caring for my son. I have earned a degree - it is just not posted on my wall. I will study the drugs you are wanting to use. I will pray about them. I will talk with my husband about them; and ultimately we will make the final decision.
I believe that I will answer to God for what I did and what I allowed to influence my son. I do not ask you to believe like I do. I do not expect you to understand what I believe or why I believe it - but I do ask you to respect my beliefs. If you overstep your bounds and try to force me to act outside of my convictions - I will put my trust in God and choose to not continue to use you in my son's care.

There are times when it is best to walk away.
That is what I have chosen to do in this situation - walk away; and thank the Lord that this doctor is in the minority. It has made me even more thankful for all the great doctors we have worked with over the years. Their commitment to us and our son - is a blessing.
So Thankful that I know the GREAT PHYSICIAN,


Peace and Quiet

I have been busy with family and schedules. Having 5 kids under one roof limits my time during the day. Then there is the evening, when the house is quiet - kids are asleep - the blogging world is wide open for me to write, read and enjoy. The trouble is - my bed looks more inviting than a keyboard.

Trust you are busy enjoying your family. Thanks so much for stopping in, I am glad you did. I plan on doing several posts on the different things I have been doing around the house to get us more organized. Stop back by soon - I will love to visit with you more!



A Horn of His Own

James has been saving his money for a trumpet. He has been spending his time researching and looking at trumpets. At church, he would sing the hymns while watching the trumpet players play the hymns in the church orchestra. He has pretty much been eating, sleeping, and dreaming about trumpets. He also was fully aware of just how long it was going to take him to save for the much yearned for instrument - as he had figured it out in math class using his multiplication skills. He had narrowed it down to about two years - pending that it snowed a lot this year and next winter (he shovels snow to make the extra cash).
Imagine his surprise when he opened the box from his Papa and Nana who happened to run across a great deal on a trumpet! Better than that - just look at the picture, as it pretty well reflects the excitement of the evening when he received his yearned for instrument:

(Dad thought he would give the horn a try. This is my favorite picture of James - as this is how he sits when he is relaxed and having a great time!)

You will know which house we are in the neighborhood if you drive down our street in the afternoon. Just listen - you will know!

Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



A Bouquet of Beauty

Every Friday Kelli over at There is No Place Like Home, hosts a show and tell. To join in on the fun, hop over to Kelli's and follow the directions.

This Friday for S&T, I wanted to share the recent flowers my husband brought home. He surprised me - not for any special occasion - but just because he wanted me to know he loved me.

Now, through the years - I have received quite a few bouquets from my man; but these flowers were definitely the best. Since our recent move, Rob had to find a new florist to frequent. Well, I like the one he has found. These were the prettiest and hardiest roses I have ever had. I divided the pink bouquet into two vases and enjoyed them in my kitchen and also in the front room.

I have always said, "You should know your butcher and your mechanic." Well, I have decided that knowing a good florist is another person to add to that list.

Trust you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by, I am glad you did.



Some People I Would Like You to Meet

I thought I would share with everyone a relatively new blog that I think you will enjoy. Beautiful for Thee is a labor of love from the ladies of one Baptist church in northern North Dakota. I think you will find the blog edifying, encouraging, and uplifting. There is something in there for everyone - whether you are single, newly married, raising kids or empty nesting.

This is the church where my husband spent most of his childhood. It is also the church that my husband I spent our first married year attending - before we headed off to finish Bible College. So - I enjoy getting to hear from friends from a few years ago - as well as meet new friends who have joined the church after we left.

So, in the evening, after the children are tucked in for the night, the dishes done, and the husband is sitting reading a book - pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in for some good Christian fellowship with other ladies from way up North. You will be glad you did. Drop them a note - and tell them I sent you. They will be glad to meet a new friend.


Looking Through His Eyes

Life's inconveniences - how quickly they take me to my knees. I ask God to make my life more comfortable, easier, less painful. Then, I ask for wisdom to get through the trial.

It is then, when I am truly listening, He speaks, He shows, He changes - - ME.

I perceive that I need a nicer house - yet He knows that I need contentment.

I perceive that I need more money for groceries - He knows that I need to see Him provide.

I perceive that I need a nicer car with a warm heater - He knows that we need as a family to snuggle together as we make the trip home from a weekend of meetings.

And, as He gives wisdom, I awaken to truth -I am amazed. Both at what He is doing - and how often I miss the big picture.

Oh to know Him. To know Him so deeply that I realize that I need nothing else but Him.

I read of the great Christians from years before and I realize how deeply they knew the Lord. They talked to Him. They studied Him. They knew of Him. I have never found an exception that those who saw God work mightily in their lives and ministry also knew great need. It was through the need that they saw God. How often I want the fellowship of him without the sufferings. Alas, but the two can not got together; for to fellowship with Him without the sufferings is to miss going deeper into the understanding of who He is and what He can do.

Oh that my heart would put aside the desires for ease and would yearn more and more for Him. For His grace, for His mercy for His love.

"God, give me eyes to see my true needs; and then let me see You work."

Oh to see Him! Oh, to know Him...

"Looking unto Jesus..."


Pictures of My Favorite Baby

Please forgive me for posting just a few...

I am so blessed!

To Do...

Things I need to do:

* Slow down

*Live on Purpose

*Be Proactive

*Encourage, Edify, and Empathize

*Make a difference
*Smile more

*Make sure those I love - know how much they mean to me.

I only have once chance in life to make a difference. I must not loose sight of what is important.