A Soldier In Training

The monument stood allowing all who passed and looked on to consider. To remember...

Freedom has never been free. Freedom in any form always comes at a price - a high price.

He is but a boy; but with big dreams. Thoughts of what he could be. Thoughts of the future wrapped up deep within him.

He stands and he looks on. Even though he is only ten he understands...

Military service runs deep within the family. Both of his Grandpa's served their country. His Great Grandpa came back from World War II never to walk again. His uncle is serving his country and has had three tours to Iraq. His Daddy wore a uniform - and would still be wearing one if God had not called him to the ministry.

In his heart he has seen their courage, heard their stories and been inspired.

My Mother's heart cringes as he looks with awe upon the uniform. I cringe - because I am aware of the price that sometimes comes with that uniform -any uniform.

I also realize that even if he never wears the man-made uniforms that adorn other service men; he is a soldier. Born again and surrendering to God --he entered the ranks. The battle is fierce at times. Many have been called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. Many more in years to come will follow in their footsteps.

I am challenged anew that it is my job, my responsibility,my God given calling to prepare him for this battle. I know not where God's will may lead him; but I know he will need to be prepared, strong and ready. I am raising a soldier. The freedom of men's souls is at stake. God is looking for men - may he give us grace as we seek to raise this one for Him. May he leave our home prepared for the battle and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Challenged by the Task,

Common Courtesy

The Fisher Price cell phone is pink. The Fisher Price cell phone belongs to Anna. The Fisher Price cell phone is one of Zak's favorite toys. How big he feels when he pulls it out of his pocket and converses with 'someone' on the other end. Just like Dad.

We have tried to teach our kids courtesy while we are on the phone. "Unless it is an emergency - do not interrupt the person while they are talking on the phone.' This is the rule. If you have called me lately - you will know that there are days we are stilling working on the appropriation of this household rule.
The other day I had a handful of things for Zak to take upstairs to his room. He was busy pretending to be like Dad with the cell phone. I thought to myself, "Just as soon as he is done with that call I will tell him to take the stuff upstairs." To make matters worse, I laid the pile down and started to go to anther chore awaiting me. Somewhere between laying it down and heading to the next task I realized - He is not on the phone - it is a toy! He is talking to nobody!! I felt like a fool as I told him to put the phone down and take the items upstairs.

I am thinking that Motherhood is getting to my brain - what's left of it.

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


Seeing Past the Label

Can any Mom ever receive too many flowers - even yellow ones?

The other morning - Zak was so excited that there were so many flowers that were in the yard just waiting for him to pick for me.

Neat to think that what one person sees as a weed another person may see as a beautiful flower.

Sometimes it takes a little one to remind me to look past preconceived ideas and see what is really there - right in front of me.

I am so glad that God looked past my faults and saw me - now to practice being like Him when I look at others.

Oh to see the beauty rather than the label.

Helping Hands

Glad I have help getting everyone ready on Sundays. Big sisters for Anna - a Daddy's helping hand for Zak. We are getting our Sunday morning routines down and everyone out to the van on time. If you could have seen us shortly after we moved here -you would realize just how much of an accomplishment that had been! Packing a family of 7 to be gone an entire day on Sunday has had it's challenges. :)



Closing Chapters

The school year is coming to a close. The summer schedule is being made, plans for teen camp and other activities are actively being pursued. It had been a great year with the kids and their violin lessons.
Last week we attended their spring recital. They all played their violins - and Mama was proud. Next year will be different -new avenues being explored and perfected.

Rachel will continue her study of the violin. Abbey will pursue a larger stringed instrument; and James will start polishing his brass. Zak will start his musical venture with short violin lessons each week; and Mama will be praying for his teacher. :)

I find myself excited about the changes. We are taking this summer to work on character - sometimes music lessons seem to help that endeavor better than most anything else.

What are your plans for the summer months ahead? I would love to hear from you.

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Enjoying Spring

Outside my front door it appears that spring is here. Anna seems to be enjoying its arrival.

Don't be too impressed with the beauty - I turned around for a minute and she picked all the blooms off - and threw them on the sidewalk. :)

Glad I got the picture first. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.



Evaluating Success

Success Encrypted:

(An epitaph written on the tombstone of a missionary)

"When he came there were no Christians.

When he died, there were no heathens."

How I seek for my life to be a success - it will only come as I daily seek to obey what He has me to do - each day.

May Christ be Lifted Up,



My blog, as of late, has not been all that exciting - I know. The posts have been sporadic at best - I am sorry.

In December that decision was made to revisit each of Zak's doctors. Life spun out of control with his issues - and we needed answers.

The doctor appointments have been made and kept; sometimes seeing two different doctors in one week - each trip taking 2 hours there and back in travel time alone.

We have encountered some bumps along the way - and overall it has been a very draining process throughout the last several months.

Last week a doctor came upon something that has raised several red flags. Perhaps the answer for which we have been searching. Blood work has been run - and is being re-run. Now we wait - and wonder - and pray. Will your pray with us?
The syndrome for which they are testing only affects 1 in 25,000 people; and there is no cure. We need God's grace, His leading and His wisdom. My faith assures me - "God is good - all of the time." I choose to rest - in Him. He can be trusted.
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Mother's Day 2008

Last year's Mother's Day was perhaps, the happiest Mother's Day I had celebrated since the birth of my first daughter 15 years before. God had answered our prayers and miraculously given us a baby - Anna.

I had seen God work in ways I had only dreamed of. We were in the midst of change - needing to see God direct; and out of the blue - He gave us a smiling happy baby. I spent the day at church on cloud nine - holding my new little one. I enjoyed the afternoon by snuggling up with her in my bed and taking a nap. The sound of her breathing brought a great sense of the mighty and powerful God I served. It was obvious to me that He was able - to do anything.

This week last year her foster parents brought her to our house- her 'forever' home. We enjoyed snapping pictures of the two families brought together by one little girl.

Anna's foster parents have said that Anna will always hold a special place in their hearts. The feeling is mutual in our hearts about them- they will always hold a special place in our hearts; because they loved our baby until God brought her to us. They made her feel safe and loved from the very start of her life. Their sacrifice to her will cause us to be indebted to them for the rest of our lives; it is for this reason Anna will always have an extra set of Grandparents - their love to her will never be forgotten.

Trust this past Sunday you were able to reflect on the significance of Motherhood in your own life - whether reflecting on the gift of children that God has given you - or the sacrifices of your Mother. We all have so very much to be thankful for! Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.



The Visits

Because we did a gradual placement with Anna the first week after we met her she stayed at her foster home. I would come in the evenings and give her a bath and feed her before bed. Then, as she settled down for the evening I would put her to bed. Meanwhile at our house - everyone was busy getting ready for her to come to our house for visits.

It was wonderful for her to be able to get to know me in a familiar environment to her. Her foster parents - now her adopted grandparents - were wonderful wonderful to her!! She has been deeply loved from day one!

The next week she would come over for visits to our house during the day. Everything stopped when Anna was there for a visit. The kids were so excited to see their new sister. However, everything was so overwhelming for her. Most of the time we sent them upstairs and tried to get her to calm down.

This part was hard for me. She loved 'her' home - and her foster parents loved her so much. When she would come and cry it hurt so badly. Yet, I knew it needed to be - so we would continue to let her cry and rock her. By about the third day things got a bit better. Daddy was her favorite and he would come home from the church to rock her and sing to her. What memories.

After Daddy would leave to head back to the church I would take over. Life stopped. I had made meals for two week - so there was not anything pressing that needed to be done. I just wanted to enjoy my baby. Most afternoons during her visit we would simply sit in the rocker and rock. She would suck her two little fingers and fall asleep. I would watch her and fall asleep too. :) I was so tired - I only had 6 days for nesting - and had been quite busy getting everything ready for her arrival.In the evenings she would go back to her foster home. I thought this would be hard fro me - but it was not. I knew she needed them too at this time; and truth be told they needed her. Our week of 'hello' -was their week of 'goodbye'. It brought such mixed emotions to my heart! What blessed memories I have of that first week when we started getting to know her and she started to get to know us. Adoption - a beautiful gift!

After the first week of getting to know her we were looking forward to our first weekend where she would come and spend the whole weekend at our house! Her first sleepover! More on that next time....

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