Natural Learning

Buy them new toys and what do they play with? NOTHING.

She is more interested in looking out the window at the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. They are giving her quite a show too! There are a lot of them - and they are busy with their winter preparations.

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"I Do!"

This picture adequately describes her to a "T". Her favorite phrase: "I do"
Looking forward to the "two's"!!

Big Girl

She's a big girl now! (And Mommy is a busy Mom now - rushing her in to go in time!!)

I will say it is bitter sweet saying I think this is the last baby I will be potty training.

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I finally downloaded pictures from off my camera. I wanted to share some pictures from Zak's birthday. I can not believe he is seven now! What a wonderful night we had celebrating him. This was the funnest birthday I have had with Zak - because this year he really understood what it meant to be HIS birthday.

You will notice the "candles" on the cake - I thought I had some in the cabinet - but they were not there! I decided to improvise and substitute. I had thought I may come up with a cheaper version of the wax candles - but that was not meant to be. The matches burn out REALLY fast - so he got to blow out his candles one at a time - seven times in all! (The rest of us were glad that it was a gluten free cake and we all had our own after he got done with all his candles.) LOL
What a joy he is to our family. I can not imagine our lives without him.
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Trusting His Leading

It was at a church service that God spoke to my heart. Money had been tight and we had been praying for God to provide. The night before my husband and I had sat and talked about what needed to be done to make it through this time. It was talked about briefly; but the next night at church I knew it was God wanted me to do.

I told Rob that I knew God wanted me to sell the piano - my piano. The thought of it even hurt; but verbally telling Rob what I needed to do was difficult. I had my doubts of the possibility of even being able to sell it with the economy as bad as it has been.

An email was sent out; and to our amazement someone was interested in purchasing the piano. Our church was just finishing a remodel on the chapel of the church it was the desire of some people to purchase the piano in memory of a family member that had sacrificed much for the music program of our church.

I was left speechless. What a wonderful God I have. Yes, the piano is gone from our home; but the parting was so much easier the way that God planned it. Now, every time I am at church I can see the piano, chapel services at the college are filled with the sounds of the piano. God provided the easiest way for me to part with something so special to me. Every time I walk past the chapel I am amazed at what a loving Heavenly Father I have. He can always be trusted and complete obedience to His leading always brings blessing.

Still Learning

It has been a long week. He has been up early - and to bed late. It is beginning to show. His thoughts are racing - his behaviour sporadic. Sometimes it is just a bit more than a Mom can handle.

He is not being bad - just fast. Too fast for me to keep track of.

It was lunch - I was ready for him to go to lay down for a nap. My nerves were just a little bit stretched.

Then he did it again - and in his haste - messed up something I did not want touched.

I grew exasperated. In a quiet tone - but with more frustration than even a loud voice could have conveyed, I spoke. The tone was hushed; but my spirit was clearly heard - I was frustrated.

Despite the fact that his brain is not connecting all the dots today; he clearly understood - not necessarily what I was saying; but what I felt.

He sat - eyes looking down - tears threatening to spill out down his cheeks. I was smote- I was wrong.

I looked at him - and the look was all that was needed for the tears and the sobs to come. I went and held him. "I... was.. just being... your helper."

Ah, conviction. How God is teaching me the need for His patience when Zak is having a bad day. I was reminded that his heart attitude was more important than the outcome. He was not trying to cause problems - his limitation were just making it a little harder for the helper to truly help.

Hugs were given - my apology was given - and accepted. We sat down and ate lunch.

Life with special needs requires me to understand more - to guard my responses better. So, as I try to teach and train him to slow down - it would be good for me to remember he is not the only one who needs to learn this. So glad we are never too old to learn!


We sat together; gathered to pray. Daddy opened our time with prayer. Then, we began to talk and meditate upon Him. How clearly His love for us all came into view when we took time to realize the sacrifice He willingly made to redeem ourselves to Him.
How awesome the thought that He desires a relationship with us more than we desire it from Him.

I thought of all the times when I have heard His still small voice calling me away for a few moments of peace and rest at His side. I thought of all the times I have felt too busy to come.

I thought of the many times when He has been waiting - and I have been too busy.

My heart was smote with my failure to choose Him over all else.

When it came my turn to pray - there were tears in my eyes. I want Him to be my life. Life apart from Him is completely empty.

How thankful I am that He still calls.

How thankful I am that He desires me - thinks of me - and longs for me.

So today I will spend time with Someone who desires me more than I can imagine. How loved I am.

Resting at His Feet,


A Good Read

I loved this post.

Oh, how many times He has said "I will" to me.

How beautifully written this reminder... trust you take time to jump over to Elise's place and be blessed.

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The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

Every season has something I like about it. However, fall is my absolute favorite. I love the color changes that surround me. The fields that have been green with the growth of the season is now orange and yellow as the crops prepare for their final days before harvest. I love waking up and needing a jacket before leaving the house - seeing my breath for the first time in months and feeling my nose turn cold as I walk around the block.

I love preparing my house for the season. I look forward to the days when we are snuggled in safe from a winter storm - and I love the prelude to that season - as I light the pumpkin scented candles in the entryway and pull out the fleece cover to drape over the back of the couch.

I enjoy peeling apples with my daughter, talking about school and making an apple crisp to share. I love the smells that leave the kitchen enticing the other children to make their way downstairs for a tasty treat.

I love this season. The season that always seems to remind me that my God is an artist that paints the landscape beautifully. His palette of colors never ceases to amaze me. So, as the trees around me whisper their last goodbyes before the leaves fall to the ground - I think of the God who made them. He truly delights my soul with His handiwork.

In what season do you find the most enjoyment?

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