A Full Day

My eyes are about ready to close- such a long day it has been. I wanted to post on update on things here and pop in and say hi.


I had to take Zak in for his pre-op appointment this morning. (Everything went fine and we are ready to go for surgery.)

Got the two little ones into the van, handed out the sandwiches and headed back towards Milwaukee.

Listened to Anna scream a good part of the way - and apple fell down her shirt sleeve - she would not just ignore it; and could not retrieve it. (I was running late for a class I needed to teach - so I would not stop.)

Tried to study the lesson I was teaching amidst Anna's fussiness and Zak's snoring.

Got to the church in enough time to run to the bathroom before we had any accidents.(If you were thinking I was talking about the two little ones you were wrong - they were both sound asleep in their seats. It was 'I' who was running.) ;)

Copied the handouts to my class. Deposited my children with a designated college student - chosen to watch them while I taught.

Whispered a heart felt prayer for the college student and headed to class.

Taught on submission and reverence in the marriage relationship. Found myself under conviction. Identified selfishness as the reason I fail so many times in being the godly wife I should be!

Whispered a prayer to God to make me what I need to be to honour and glorify Him.

Picked my children up at their doors for pick up. Looked all over the place for Zak and Anna. Breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Rachel coming out the door with them. (A sigh of relief for the poor college student who had them extra time. :)

Listened to the children as they talked about their day.

Prepped for dinner. Found myself thankful for the crock pot meal ready for the family when we walked home.

Thought my husband looked especially handsome in his sweater and dockers.

Ate dinner with the family. Enjoyed family devotions. Found myself so thankful for all that God has given us.

Got the little ones ready for bed. Packed Zak's suitcase for the hospital tomorrow.

Checked homework. Went over spelling words, reviewed the water cycle.

Wondered if the older kids would ever get to bed.

Packed the next days lunches with Rob. Had a piece of leftover pie with Rob. Laughed about how funny the kids are.

Checked my mail and wrote this post.

Now, I will head for bed. Tomorrow starts at 3:45 am. Zak's surgery is scheduled for 8:00.

Never a dull moment; but I would not trade one single day.

Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did.




So much for which to give thanks. God is so good to us. I just wanted to list a few things for which I am thankful.

I am thankful that...

I'm forgiven

I am loved

I am eternally secure

I have been blessed with a family to love

I have a family that loves me

I attend a church that stands for truth

I have a Pastor that does not compromise

I own several copies of the inspired Word of God

I have the Holy Spirit who helps me understand what I am reading

I have friends throughout the years who have laughed with me, cried with me and made memories with me.

I have a husband who loves God more than he loves me.

I have a husband who loves me more than he loves himself.

I have children sitting around my table -making noise, touching their food and reminding me just how special and exciting this holiday was when I was a child

I have a child who was with us for just a little while and taken home to Heaven sooner than we planned. Heaven is so much more special knowing that reunions await.

I have a Heavenly Father that makes no mistakes. His love for me is never selfish and always He does all things for my good.

Truly I am blessed - more than I could find time room to write!!

From my home to yours - Happy Thanksgiving. Trust you have a blessed day.

May God Bless you all,


Holiday Plans

I have been busy preparing for another Thanksgiving. How quickly the year seems to fly by!

I have set up the Christmas trees and have the house ready for the holidays.I try to get that all done before the rush of the season comes upon me.

We will be spending the holiday with family. The menu is ready with the normal Thanksgiving dishes. We are planning on doing the meal later than we normally do. James and Papa will be hunting in the morning -a later dinner just seemed to 'work'.

We will be staying close to home this weekend - enjoying each other and resting.

Monday will begin a week getting ready for another surgery for Zak. He has his physical on Monday to make sure everything is ready. The surgery will not be till Friday morning. (Never a dull moment.) Zak is having his tonsils removed and tubes put back in his ears. It also appears that his adenoids may be growing back (go figure) - they will take care of anything there also. The doctor also found he is in need of some reconstruction work on his sinus'. We will wait on that surgery till he heals from this one.

Much to do- much to be thankful for - much to pray and ask God for wisdom. How thankful I am for His blessing to us each day - and that we do not have to do this alone.

Trust you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We truly have so much for which to give thanks!



Complete Trust

Zak came home yesterday after having a minor surgery done on his esophagus. Everything went really well and besides being a bit more tired than usual - he is doing great.

It was exciting to see how God truly answered prayers. Zak had been quite apprehensive of the surgery. I also was a bit concerned for there are several issues that usually flare up when he has surgery - the main one being his blood pressure.

It was hard for me to see him fearful of the surgery. More than once he would talk about it and cry telling me he was afraid. The Mom in me wanted to take the fear away and just cancel the surgery - except that could not be done. Rob and I began talking with him about his fears and the surgery. We told him that it would not hurt - he would be asleep and not feel a thing. We told him we would sit with him and be with him. Yet the thing we talked about with him the most was that God was with him - and he would be right there with him during the whole surgery and He was take care of him.

It was neat to see him talking about God and how He was going to help him through the surgery. The day before the surgery we went in for the pre- op. He had been fearful even up to that time - and was a bit afraid as we held hands into the room. Then something happened - it clicked. All the things we were telling him about God and how He would take care of him - all of that clicked! We walked out of the room - registered for the next morning - - my hands filled paperwork, his hands filled with stickers. Then he looked up at me and said, "Mom, I am not scared anymore. This is going to be fun. God is going to be right there with me and there is nothing to be afraid of!" He said it so enthusiastically. Totally trusting in the fact that God was going to take care of everything!

My heart was relieved to know that God had come and comforted his heart - God had become real to him. My job was not to take the trial away from Zak; but to point him to Christ through the trial.
The next morning - not only did we not have problems with his blood pressure - (it was actually a little on the low end. :) We also did not have the usual problem with him waking out of the anesthetic. (Normally he can not be comforted and had a very very hard time waking up- screaming for hours. Yesterday we had no problems. There was a peace in his heart going into the surgery and waking up from the surgery.

God is good. How much he cares for us! How ready He is to calm our fears and give us peace - if we just turn to Him and trust. It meant so much to me as a Mom to see God minister to the heart of my son in a way I could not. It was brought home once again - I just need to point my children to Christ. He can fully meet the needs of their hearts. Of course He can - He loves them more than I do!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so glad you did.