Update on Zak - 7/29/07

We are finally getting some answers to Zak's medical problems. This week was another busy week with 3 different doctors appointments. Needless to say, we are glad that this week is behind us!

We were in to the neurologist on Thursday. He believes that Zak is suffering from seizures. He thinks that he could be having 40-50 seizures a day. This is what he believed happened when he could not talk to us and communicate. We are starting some anti seizure medication and working at increasing some of his other meds to help with other brain issues he is having. It is a step of faith - but we are going to see how he does. God is good - He is the great physician - and He knows exactly what is wrong.

(One of Zak's many EEG's - this one he came home with for 48 hours)

In the last month Zak has had a lot of problems. We have seen him regress in his development. This has been the hardest for me as a Mom to see. I feel that we had come so far - and now we are back here again. I also am realizing that there is nothing I can do about it - but love Zak where he is right now. It has made me realize that value of each day. So - today I will live in today - not yesterday and not tomorrow - but today.

I was encouraged this morning when I read these familiar verses during my quiet time:

Psalm 139:15 - " My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. How precious also are thy thought unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them,they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee.

Here are some thoughts I gained while meditating on these verses:
  • God knew about all the problems that Zak would have even before he was born.
  • God has a perfect plan for Zak.
  • God's plan for Zak has impacted my life.

I am blessed to have him as my son. How much I have learned about life, love and God through Zak. God answered my prayers the day that Zak came into our home - my life would not be complete without him. What a blessing he is to our family. How differently we see and understand life. Adoption - was God's gift to us as a family. I can rest in the fact that no matter what caused Zak's problems God was there - and God's plan for him can not be stopped! This brings peace - joy - hope.

So I will look to my Creator - my Saviour - my Father - for the answers and trust. I know that in His time and in His way He will "perform that which concerneth me" - and this is true for Zak for me, and for our entire family!

Today, I will love as if I would never have the opportunity to love again. I will take in the moments and the events and cherish them as a gift from Heaven. Today - I will rest in God's sovereignty - - and find peace.

Dad's Birthday = A Trip to the City!

We celebrated my husband's birthday this week. We took the kids out to a local amusement park and had fun as a family there. Then we went out and played putt-putt as a family. This is the first time that we have gone all together as a family and played the game. We had a wonderful time! The weather was perfect for the outing with no humidity and not really high temps. We got home to have birthday dinner and everyone was exhausted! (Everyone but the birthday boy:) So we decided to do birthday cake the next day. The entire house was quiet by 9p.m. I think I was asleep before everyone else. What fun we had.

We did do birthday cake this afternoon and as you can see there is a bit of discrepancy about the age of Dad - (I do not think Dad and Rachel can be the same age. Is that possible?) Abbey made the cake and let Zak lick the spoons with her after her domestic skills were done. What a pair they make.
Happy Birthday, Honey. I hope you had a wonderful day

Summer Fun With the Family

Thought I would share some photo's of the kids and their Dad having fun while the steaks were grilling. I love family life. Imagine how boring life would be with no children to keep it exciting!

I loved this shot. Our elderly neighbor invited our youngest to check out his garden. What a beautiful picture of life - young and old together! How much we can learn from both of them!Here is what happens when you put your thumb under a concrete slab. It only got better with the kisses of BOTH parents!

Family is a wonderful thing. I am so thankful that I am blessed with the love of my family. Life is never lonely or boring with them around. I trust you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Goodnight - and God Bless.

Wrapping up the week

"In all labour there is profit..." the Proverb says. I love that verse. Sometimes as a Mom the jobs that we do we complete only to do them again next week - or often times the next day! Yet, even in the repetitious jobs of motherhood and homemaking - there is profit! What a profitable week we have had.

Thursday I was able to make up 2 loaves of bread. Now, this is not just any bread but a succulent herb bread that is to die for! If I made this bread all the time I would be a life time member of Weight Watchers and not on their maintenance program either. I would be a full fledged - paying member of WW for the rest of my life! Oh how we have enjoyed this bread. It made yummy sandwiches that even wooed my husband home from the office on a day that he said he would not be able to find time to come home for lunch!

Friday is always a busy day with lots of chores around the house to do. My oldest son mowed the grass for his chore that day. He does a wonderful job with the lawn and I love to sit on the porch when he is done and look at his handiwork. What a hard worker he is!

My oldest daughter decided to try her hand at woodworking. Literally - she tried her hand - actually it was her thumb. After much blood and even more screaming - we were able to get it bandaged up and avoid an emergency room visit on Friday afternoon. I am thinking it was mostly avoided because Daddy was home to help. I do OK with blood - but tend to jump the gun a little when it comes to bleeding extremities. (And as a mom - I have had my full share of bleeding extremities - you can ask the kids and the ER doctors! :)

This morning has been wonderful. I made a trip to downtown and went to the Farmer's market. I came home with some nice produce. I am looking forward to making the corn on the cob this evening when we grill some steaks out on the grill. My family has begged me to make my potato salad - so I will start the potatoes here soon. (They absolutely LOVE my potato salad and wish we lived in a small town like Mayberry where I could enter it at the county fair:) The way they rant and rave over it - makes me so happy that when they begin their pleadings I just cave in and tell them that I will make it for them. So we will have a wonderful night together as a family. Enjoying each other's company and thanking God as we tuck each of our blessings into bed for yet another day. We will go to bed early tonight to be able to get a good rest and wake up ready for a great day at church in the morning.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. May God bless - and good night!

A Wonderful Week

I am having a wonderful week. God is always good; but when you see His hand at work in your life - you get to "taste and see" of His goodness. This week - I have tasted some wonderful things with the Lord.

I was able to have a wonderful chat with my husband and oldest daughter. One of those chats that makes you go to bed happy; and also very aware that your oldest is growing up. We were able to sit up late after the younger ones went to bed and talk heart to heart about life. It was wonderful to listen, and to talk about what God is doing in our lives and in our hearts. I will treasure that time together for a long while

I was able also to go to the thrift store this week. Some of the children were in need of some clothing. I found several pieces that were needed. It was like God had put them there just for me! My youngest had outgrown his church shirts and dress pants. He now has two pairs of dress pants and collared shirts to go with each. My oldest son was also out of dress pants. He will be fully ready for Sunday when it arrives! My girls each were blessed by a couple of new skirts and a jumper. All of this for $10.00! Thank you God! "Every good gift..."

I was able to sit outside and watch the children play in the sprinkler. What joy it was to watch them laugh and giggle and just have good summer fun. I love summer time. I love to hear the birds awaken me each morning with there songs to the new day. I love to watch the beautiful colors of life spring forth and great me. I love summer!

I also have been blessed to be able to hang the clothes out on the line every day this week! My favorite homemaking task to do in the summer is to to hang clothes. I think I could hang clothes out on the line all day long! I love the smell of the fresh clothes as I snap them once and then hang them onto the line. I love to sit and watch as the wind pulls and pushes them drying them to perfection! It always makes me smile when I am able to hang the clothes!

I was also blessed to attend church for the midweek service. God spoke to my heart. What a blessing to know He is working on me. SO many rough edges to clean up - such a long way to go!! To hear how Paul was content no matter what - because His focus was on Christ. This truth prompted my heart to keep my focus on my Saviour. So easily my heart and eyes get drawn away! I was also encouraged to see how the Philippian church cared for his needs and ministered to him. God prompted me to be looking around for those in need and minister to them in their affliction.

I am having a wonderful week. I was able to finally get my pictures hung in my room. It feels finally done! I also feels like a Bed and Breakfast! I love my room - and all the hard work that my husband put into it to have it nice - even if it did take a little longer than planned! :)

Hope you too are having a good week. I will finish my week trying to keep my heart and mind focused on Christ. He is my Help. He is my Provider! I am thankful to Him - for my wonderful week!

Zak - Update

Thought I would post about Zak. He had a very hard week last week. The doctors ordered an MRI. Because of is age, they had to put him under anesthetic. He does not do well waking up from anesthetic. The test went well; but the wake up time was difficult. Daddy was there with him for the whole ordeal. It took the next couple of days to get our Zak back and in good spirits.

We are thankful that all of the tests results that have come back have come back normal. Praise the Lord! However, this leaves us still not knowing what is wrong or what went wrong in his brain. They have scheduled us to see his neurologist the middle of this month. We are thankful for this course of action - as his neurologist is a born again Christian. This is so comforting to know that the doctor who is making decisions about our son's brain is a man who knows God. This brings us more peace than the many degrees on his wall! We are so thankful to the Lord for the doctors he has brought us to through the years with Zak. We have wonderful doctors!!

So, for now, we are just waiting and praying. Thanks for your prayers on Zak's behalf. We are seeing some improvement - although, we do not want to get our hopes up too high just yet! We know the Great Physician, and we know that He knows exactly what is wrong. We also know He has the power to heal exactly what is wrong if He so chooses. So we rest in His care and trust in His will for our lives and this situation. We will keep you posted. Thanks again for all the prayers.