Back to School!

What an interesting month we have had here at our house. Our energies and efforts have gone into getting the school room and school material ready to start the new year of academics. We were able to pull it all off, have all of our curriculum arrive in time and start a week before our original planned start day. The kids were too excited to wait another week. I think it is neat that the kids love school. The thing that is amazing is that this excitement lasts all year long. I remember getting excited and then settling back into a normal "I - hate - school" mode about a week into the new year. My kids continue liking it all through the year - and we have been known to have tears at the end of the year. I have literally had children begging me to go through the summer.

We are approaching September and I am looking forward to fall. I LOVE fall. It could be fall all year long and I do not think I would ever grow tired of it. We are planning on finishing the painting of our house. I thought I would give you all pictures of the project we have before us. I will be sure to post picture of the finished job. We are planning on making this a family project. Isn't there a saying - "The family that PAINTS together, stays together?"

Hope you are having a good week. God is so good.

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