Show and Tell Friday - Family Sacrifice

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This Friday for Show and Tell Friday, I wanted to share with you our family piano. I have played the piano since I was in the third grade. My absolute favorite past time is playing the piano. I am so thankful for the sacrifice my parents made for many many years to make sure I had piano lessons. When I think of all the money that they spent for lessons, time they spent taking me to and from lessons, and hours endured sitting through endless recitals; my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for all of their endured hardships to develop my passion. Thanks Mom and Dad!
I have played on many a piano. I have played on old, new, school pianos and showroom pianos. I always dreamed of having a grand piano. While other teens had posters of their favorite sports stars adorning their walls; I had poster sized pictures of grand pianos adorning mine. I also realized that my dream of having a grand piano would probably never come true. My husband always felt differently about it - and told me that someday I would have a grand piano. I would always smile and continue on with a different subject. He would assure me that someday he was going to make sure I had a grand piano. I knew that in the ministry - that was probably never going to happen.

Well, about three years ago - we were opening our Christmas presents as a family. We try not to overdue Christmas and each of the kids gets one or two presents from Mom and Dad. The evening was wrapping up and I still had one gift under the tree. When I opened the box, I was more than surprised to see a big, fat, red piggy bank sitting in the box. When I took it out, there was a note attached to it - telling me that this was the bank that would help us set aside the money for the grand piano. (I was still sceptical) So, I put the pig on top of the old piano and figured that we would start saving - but it would still be a long long time. Little did I know how enthusiastic my children would become about the idea of getting Mom a new piano. With love in their hearts for me, they began - of their own accord and choosing, to put the money that they received into the pig. The fat pig's insides began growing and 9 months later September we were able to purchase the piano. We took the kids in with us to the piano store, along with the red pig and purchased our piano. It was a great lesson for them to learn to save and then spend - and it was a great blessing to my heart to see the excitement and love in their eyes as they watched Mom pick out her new piano. Their sacrifice for me - meant more to me than the piano ever would.

Today we all enjoy playing music on the piano in our front room. Sometimes at night I will stand and look at our piano and think of the love of family that it represents. I will whisper a prayer to God - thanking Him for the loving family He has allowed me to have, turn out the lights and head to bed - knowing that I am blessed more abundantly than I ever dreamed!

Have a Great Week - see you next Friday!


Kelli said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift, Jane!! I play the piano and would love a grand piano someday. :0) Yours is beautiful and so are your children!! Thank you for joining in for show and tell!

ellen b said...

What a great lesson of hope fulfilled for your family. Blessings on many days of praise coming from those keys!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a lovely story! Your new piano is so beautiful! I'm sure the lesson for the children will always stay with them!

Thanks for sharing!


Julieann said...

What a beautiful piano, and I so enjoyed the story of how you got it :)

Have a great weekend.


Penless Thoughts said...

What a beautiful paino and a wonderful story of love for you from your family. Also, a wonderful example of saving for what we want.

Anonymous said...

We loved hearing you play the piano and miss singing with uou while you played for us. Wish you lived closer so we could hear the grandchildren play and sing again together. Your a wonderful daughter and we love you ALL
Mom & Dad

Meredith said...

A beautiful piano...made even more beautiful by the love of your family.

It must play the sweetest music in the world.

Lee-ann said...

Jane, this is a beautiful show & tell I am so pleased I dropped in to see such love and happiness in a blessed family.

thank you for sharing your piano with us.


Retha said...

How amazing, I got tears, well I cry for everything.
I was wondering which one of the children love playing the most. Well, I assumed they all play.

Jane said...

All the kids play - but my oldest finds it to be one of her greatest passions - violin of course, is her first love!

Betty said...

What a heart warming story. Thank you for sharing....I've played the piano since a very young age also.

Thanks for visiting with me.....and leaving the sweet comment on my necklace....Betty