Book Review and Bread Rolls

I thought I would give a book review of the book I just read. My children bought me Beverly Lewis' new book The Parting. I really enjoy reading Beverly Lewis books. I think I like them most because for a few hours I am able to go to a world that is so different from my busy life and slow down with them in the pages. I am not sure - but I think I could live the Amish lifestyle. (I could not adhere to their doctrine - religiously speaking) I do think that their simple life - their slow life and their family life would be a hit for me! With that all said - I really do enjoy Beverly Lewis.

The Parting
Nellie Fisher is the main character in this new novel. Her sister died a a young age and as any "premature" death goes - it turned this family upside down. Because of her sister's untimely death questions about life, faith and eternity begin surfacing in different family member's hearts. The Parting is a story about life carrying on through grief and suffering. Life always goes on - and Nellie is growing up too. Courtship age is coming closer and she must make some choices that will effect the very future of the rest of her life. It is a must read!

I love this book because if CLEARLY presented the gospel throughout the book. Sometimes I think that in fiction books the gospel or the main message gets lost throughout the story line. In The Parting, the gospel is clearly presented. I also liked the story because, weaved throughout the book is the clear understanding that true Christianity must separate from ungodly teaching and philosophy. So many times in today's theology you find people who believe that salvation is something that you add to your life. Salvation's is something that changes your life! That concept is clearly seen in the pages of this wonderful story.

I trust you are able to enjoy the book as much as I did. I think perhaps is is my most favorite book that I have read by this author; because it truly portrayed what living faith in Christ is like - Life Changing!

On a personal note - our dinner with the missionaries went well. I made roast and baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and fresh sliced tomatoes. I also made "Pull apart rolls". I had never made these before - and they were a hit! They were fun to make too. We ended the dinner with Triple Fudge Brownies that were very very good. (if you like brownies that is - I am not too fond of them - but oh well :( )

I trust you had a good day. Thanks for stopping by,


Susan said...

I love Beverly Lewis' books too, because I can read them and let my teenaged daughter read them without fear of there being something inappropriate in them. I haven't read this one yet. Thanks for the report on it!

The rolls look delicious!

Joyfull said...

I love Beverly Lewis's book also. When I'm reading them, I also feel like I'm in another world, peaceful, calm etc.,
Thanks for sharing, can't wait to read the new book.