Was Blind - But Now I See!

Our James started having headaches during school and reading time at night. So hubbie and I thought we better get him into the eye doctor. Let's just say - he NEEDED glasses. *When there were six letters on the wall - he only could make out 2 of them!) I was gasping for breath as I sat there through the exam.

The long wait for the new glasses came to a halt this afternoon. Mom and James ran to the store to get the glasses that "were in"!

I thought I would share photos of the "old" James and the "new" James.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend.


Susan said...

What a handsome guy in his glasses!

MightyMom said...

nice spectacles James!

I got my first pair in the 4th grade....when the Science teacher had me sitting with my desk literally touching the (green) chalkboard and I STILL couldn't make out all the notes she'd written on it!!

1st thing I did was go out back and put them on and off, marvelling that I could see every blade of grass..instead of the green blur!!

Jane, thanks for stoppiong by my place, come on back now, ya here??

Mimi said...

I think the new James looks brilliant!!
love the glasses

Anonymous said...


I love your new glasses!
You look so handsome!!!

I love you!

your sister,


Anonymous said...

Do you remember when John got his first glasses? He was 10. James looks like a very sophisticated young man HANDSOME to say the least! Of course a grandmother is a little partial. Wish we could see him in person. Tell him we LOVE him and he looks GREAT!
Love Mom

Sondra said...

How cute he looks with his new glasses. I am sure it feels great to be able to see better! And that will surely help his headaches. My youngest has glasses and has just gotten braces too.

Becky K. said...

The glasses look great! I remember getting my first pair in 3rd grade. I was thrilled! They were turqoise and brown swirled...I KNOW - Yikes!
James, you have much better taste in eye fashion than I did!
Becky K.

Betty said...

James is a very handsome lad...

I got my glasses in Jr. High and when I walked outside I could see individual leaves on the trees that I had never seen. It was wonderful..

Thanks for visiting with me...Betty

diana said...

glasses sure can make the difference. he's handsome with or without them.

stop by my site when you can. i have a "treat" for you.

Sharon said...

James, you look great in your new glasses!!