Soul Rest

The day was long - the setback was huge. Autism has an ugly side. It all happened so suddenly that I was taken by surprise - and found myself confused and emotionally drained. I was left with more questions than answers as I tucked my little Zak into bed Sunday night.

Sleep did not come easily and felt as if it accomplished little. Too many questions, too many fears - so much unknown.

Monday morning's early calm was interrupted by a ringing telephone. Sounds coming too early in the day to bring good news - - and yet another set back. A good friend is dying - she will not celebrate Christmas - it won't be much longer.

Overwhelming emotional exhaustion hit the very fiber of my being - I had not the strength to go on. Tasks were needed to be accomplished - a day's "To DO" lists stood waiting for me - but alas, I could not. There was nothing left within me to give.

'Then God - who is rich in mercy..." - showed the very heart of His love for me. A getaway was planned, a haven was prepared - and it was there that He would bring me rest. Physically and emotionally. Deep satisfying rest. I was so tired I did not feel like going - but it was meant to be - and the time away with just my husband was the balm needed for my weary heart.

Hours of talking filled our time. Plans for the future, prayers for wisdom and the chance to voice the fears of the future both together and with our Creator.

"I know that thoughts I think towards you... thoughts of peace..."

I arrived home this evening, having been ministered to by the very hand of God Himself. He has has filled my heart with comfort, wisdom and hope.

"For He giveth His beloved sleep..."
"And ye shall find rest unto your souls..."

Returned and Refreshed,



Jane, the post was beautiful just beautiful. God is always there working for our Good. The love and giving I see you is such an example of the Lord's that I see Him more clearly through you. Thank you for the post. connie from Texas

Daughter of the King said...

ahhh...this was wonderful...I went into our Wedn, evening service just so beat down...and what my pastor spoke on...hit my heart on target....ahhh....God's WORD and the way it can penetrate to the the HEART of the matter...yes....I too felt the hand of GOD.
I am thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Sharon said...

God is our only source of true peace. Hold tight to His Hand.