"He Forgives Everything!"

This morning my children had the opportunity to go over to a new neighbor's home and shovel the walks for her after a dusting of overnight snow. The neighbor - who is new to our part of town - came over and asked my husband if our kids could shovel her walk. She promised to pay - but my husband refused and told her they would be glad to do it for nothing.

They were so excited about this new job. (It seems it is far more exciting to shovel snow on a neighbor's sidewalk rather than on your own sidewalk.) They hurried out - all bundled up and ready for the awaiting job. The last thing I heard as they headed out the door with grabbing their gloves was, "This is great maybe we will be able to invite her to the cantata on Sunday!"

My youngest daughter was able to start to chat with the neighbor and had the opportunity to share Christ. She asked her if she knew the Lord as her Savior. The lady told her that she did not and that she knew that she was not headed to Heaven. My Abbey told her that she could go to Heaven. To this, the lady told her that she had done a lot of bad things in her life. She seemed to be saying to Abbey that she had done far more than would ever be allowed one headed to Heaven. It was then that Abbey told her - "That does not matter to God, He forgives everything!"
Praise the Lord He does! Where would I be today if He didn't forgive it all! "Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."
His birth - Breathtaking!
His death - Priceless!

Rejoicing in His Forgiveness,


Mommy said...

Oh wow! That brings tears to my eyes! What a precious witness for Christ. Have you ever heard of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus (Sp?) It is a *WONDERFUL* witnessing tool. There is a link on my blog to their site where you can read the book online for free.

The link is Good Seed International.

Maybe you could get that for your neighbor for Christmas?

Persuaded said...

How very very precious! I know my children sometimes have a boldness in sharing Christ that I do not...and I think people can receive it better coming from a child. I said a quick prayer for your neighbor:-)

Daughter of the King said...

What a precious,precious testimony...I pray that as time goes on....that this woman will come to the Lord....oh this made my day..I had to miss church this morning due to a episode of IBS...I just listened to a sermon on line...and now this...and I was feeling sorry for myself this morning..this was wonderful...you are training your children, well...
To God be the Glory.