KP / PO - (Kitchen Prep - Pays Off)

My Kitchen Tip this Tuesday helps take the hectic out of our mornings! At night before we go to bed ( on an ideal - everything is going great night - sooo -- not every night) I try to get everything ready for breakfast the next morning. My kids are all old enough now to get their own breakfast around. I try to have everything ready and out so that they can just eat what is on the menu for breakfast that morning.

I am trying to get my kids into the habit of drinking herb tea in the morning. There is so much nutritional benefit from herb tea. Unfortunately, I did not start this habit early enough with some of my kids - for they do NOT like tea. (We are working on this, however). I have the tea pot filled with water the night before.
The pot that I use to cook the oatmeal in, I fill with the correct measurement of water, place the canister of oatmeal beside the pot, along with the measuring cup that I need for the oats. I set the bowls on the side of the stove so the kids are able to dish up their own cereal in the morning.

I also get out the blender and 'fixins' that I need to prepare my morning nutritional shake. If I do not do this - I talk myself out of doing it. I feel sooo much better after I get my vitamins in for the day!

I try to have out a nice pitcher for the kids and their juice or milk. I have tried to locate pitchers that are easy to pour. It has not been too difficult at local thrift stores.

Then, in the morning when I get up, I get things started and have everything ready for when their sunshine chores are done in the rooms upstairs. This way, they can come down and eat when they are ready. It has been a nice change this year from last year when everyone had to be here at the same time.

So - this is the Kitchen Tip - be prepared for the day ahead of you - and you are a lot less likely to get frazzled. However, I think it is more of a sanity tip than a kitchen tip! - (...oh well)

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so glad you did.


Sharon said...

Very good tips! I think I've told you before, but I just love the apple teapot!

Anonymous said...

Love the tip--especially about the herbal tea--and your photos are great! Great blog!

Amy @

Julie said...

Ok! Great tip! I will get stuff ready the day before a holiday like Christmas breakfast or maybe even Thanksgiving breakfast and it always helps! I have no idea why I didn't think to try it on a daily basis. Thank you very much!

Persuaded said...

Great tip and great photos! I try and do the same thing... one thing I do fairly often is to get a good start on fresh muffins- I mix all of the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl and all of the wet ingredients into a bowl which I tuck into the fridge. I set out the muffin pans with papers already in. That way I can just throw the wet and dry ingredients together, spoon the batter into the tins, bake and I'm good to go! I can get it all done and the bowls rinsed out by the time my coffee's done:-)

Beth said...

This is indeed a sanity tip. I've done similar things and when I remember to prepare, it really does help the next day start out smoother. Then the rest of the day seems to go well too.

Anonymous said...

I was in tears by the time I got to the bottom of your tips. This morning my son could not find one of his shoes;I was so frustrated that I wanted to cry. I realized that it isn't my children's fault that the mornings are so hectic it is my fault. Thanks you for the tips.