A Buzzing Past

We have to go a long ways a way to get the boys' hair cut. It not too long of a drive; but rather a long way - back in time. "Ron's Barber Shop". This where the boys go to get their hair cut - Dad too - but it looks like a place where Grandpa maybe even would have gotten his hair cut - had he lived here as a young boy.

Stepping into Ron's is like stepping back in time. Where the floor is tiled - the ornaments on the wall are fish - probably caught before Dad was even born - and the magazine rack has been around since newspapers were still reporting on the JFK assassination. How much history is held within these four walls! A lot has been talked about as customers, through the years, have waited their turns in the chairs that line the side of the room. From politics and weather, to religion and local gossip - - no conversation is taboo here.

In the outside world - much has changed. There are four way stop lights, convenience stores, and a local library - - right out side the window of this historic business - but inside - - it is still the same. The prices look like something you would see in the background of an old "Leave it to Beaver" episode - and well - - Ron could have very well been around when that show's first season was running new on prime time television.

When a boy steps into the chair he is sitting down in a piece of nostalgic Wisconsin history. Many a lad has sat in the very same spot. Ron's a little older now - and you have to talk a bit louder - but when you are in the chair you are back it time. A time our children will never know - and one, for that matter, that Dad barely remembers - - but ask the old guys sitting in the chairs talking about the Packers upcoming game - they remember - they've been there a while

Young and old alike come there. He has room for them all. Many 'new' salons and beauty shops do not have people employed that even know how to cut flat tops - - but Ron does! He was cutting them when they were still in style. His buzzing clippers still know their way around a boy's head.

Time could only tell how many red necked little boys in blue jeans and sneakers have turned the dial to the gumball machine following their haircut. A gumball - the known reward for sitting still and letting Ron cut your hair. You won't see a little boy leaving the shop with a still mouth - no, his gums are chomping away on the treat his good behaviour earned him.

A trip to Ron's is like an interactive museum of historic yesterday - - where life was slow and people were kind. Inside the shop you are in a world that has come and gone - years ago. But, at the end of your appointment, the hair still covers the floor the same way it did when Grandpa was a boy. Back then, they just walked in for a hair cut; but today you must call ahead to schedule and appointment - he fills up fast! Yes, when you leave the shop you step back into the present era; but you bring a little part of history with you - - because when your boys enter the family vehicle - they buckle up looking like clean cut boys!

Thanks for stepping back in time with me! I'm so glad you did.



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nannykim said...

hmmm--the pictures are not showing!! If I remember I would love to come back and see them. We have some old shops here too--but ours are run down and the prices have gone up a bit.

Virginia said...

I can't believe that he only charges 3.50 for a kids cut! What a steal! I would be willing to pay that to save myself the grief Andy gives me every time I need to shear his mane.

Sharon said...

My daughter just recently started working at the local barbershop! There aren't many around these days, but it's funny because there are two shops almost next door to one another and it's been that way for who knows how long?!

He's got the shiny black and white tile floors, three barber chairs, three old, hard, bench pews for customers to sit in while waiting their turn (no appointments). Free bubble gum for the boys. They cut only men and boys' hair. My daughter's allergies are much better since leaving the salon she used to work in. The owner of the barber shop goes to the same church we do.

Is that the prices he charges today?!! Our barber shop may look old-fashioned, but their prices have gone up considerably.

It's nice to know there are still some old-fashioned things around. Our town is still kind of like Mayberry. :-)

nannykim said...

Wow--I came back and was able to see the pictures!! Amazing!!! 4.25 here we have some of the old shops but the charge is more like 12 to 14!!

Mimi said...

Oh if the walls only had ears!!
the stories they could tell... after so many years of listening to men and boys alike tell their yarns!!!
great pictures..
and good for your boys to know the atmosphere of days gone by!!

Daughter of the King said...

oh this is so cooool....so much nostalgia...what great memories for your boys.

CookieSunshine said...

I loved your story.

jennifer said...

Love those short hair cuts - your boys look like boys! Our step back in time Barber is Mr. Don. My hubby and son get a haircut and story, all for one low price! - Jennifer

Sondra said...

What a great trip down memory lane. Wonderful post! I love the sign with the prices and how it says 'high school'. I guess some high school kids think they are adults but want to pay the child price! Love it.

Elise said...

What a beautiful tribute! I love the picture that changes from color to black and white- stunning! I'm amazed at the prices, too- how does he keep in business?