Home Safe and Sound

We finished up the last night of the conference last night; and headed home. We also headed right into a snow storm. The roads were treacherous - and visibility was limited. Around midnight, we decided it was time to let the storm win and find a place to stay for the night.
After a good, but short, night's sleep - a tasty complementary breakfast by the motel - and Bible reading and prayer time - we headed out this morning for home. The roads were cleared and we made it home with no trouble at all. It was as if, God just wanted us to have some extra time to spend together.

I am home now - and Rob is at the church. Life is right back on schedule. God has used this conference in my life to bring to light some things He needed to show me. What a blessing it is to have God speak to your heart!

I am thankful to be home, thankful for the meeting, thankful for God's watchful care of us on the roads, and thankful for the extra time we had together as a couple. He truly does - "supply all our needs".

Trust your day is blessed with the reality of His presence - and His Blessings.

Resting in Him,


Mimi said...

so glad for you that you had a wonderful conference... and arrived home safely...rested and ready to serve Him!!

A Note From Theresa said...

It sounds like you had a real blessed time.