Let it Snow!

I LOVE winter!! The more snow the better. I have found this winter here in Wisconsin to be to my satisfaction! One of the most disappointing things to me when we moved here from North Dakota was the winters were not "wintery" enough for me. Finally, I am happy. We have had more snow - and then some more snow - and then some more snow! I am loving it. Yesterday, conditions made it such that church needed to be canceled for the evening. Schools were called off this morning - and eager playmates of my children knocked on our doors - asking for sledding partners at a near by hill.
The kids went sledding - shoveled the walks - and now are doing school. They are awaiting the afternoon, when Dad has promised to play with them and enjoy the snow too. I am enjoying watching even MORE snow fall from the sky, as I smell dinner cooking the the crockpot and wait for my youngest to awaken from his nap.
Yes, this has been a perfect winter. Just keep it snowing! Trust you are wrapped in warmth and love at your place - and enjoying the beauty of God's creation - whether it is snow or sun - all gifts from Him - to us. We are most blessed.



Shelli Hawkins said...

Well I am glad you are FINALLY happy!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I do wish you would share your snow. I have not had near enough for my liking yet!

Susan said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it so much. I like to SEE snow, but I don't like to get out in it, so the bit we've had this winter has satisfied my need to see it and enjoy it a little. Have fun!

Persuaded said...

wow! another winter lover over the age of 14!!! i thought i was the only one, lol! i think i must ((hug)) you!