Meal Planner

I wanted to share with you a life saver for me in the realm of kitchen meal planning. I went over to Microsoft Templates and found a weekly meal planner. I love it. The feature that I loved the most was on the side bar of the planner -- it has a box called "notes". I use this catergory to put in reminders for what I need to pull out for the next day's meals. Then in the evening while the kids are doing their after dinner chores, I look on the menu and see what I need for the next day and pull that out and get it ready. This really has helped to alleviate those crisis moments in the kitchen - when you realize you forgot to take out the chicken and dinner is due in one hour.

I keep my menu on the fridge so that everyone can see what we are having. This has helped with sanity for my sake - the kids just look on the fridge to see what is for lunch - rather than have all of them ask (at separate times) "what's for lunch?"

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Sonshine said...

LOL! I am laughing at your comment regarding kids asking "what's for lunch?". My kids did that for both breakfast and lunch and sometimes even dinner before I started menu planning on a regular basis.

I will agree that having a menu posted on the fridge for all to see has definitely been a sanity reducer!

Susan said...

I've been making menus since before I had kids, but you know what? They still ask, and they're teenagers now!

I'll have to check out that template. There are so many things like that that I don't even think about, that would probably save time. I do use a pre-made form that I found online, and just write in each day's meals.

A Note From Theresa said...

That is neat! Thanks for showing this. it WILL be used in my home :)