A Tribute to my Mom

(S&T is down below - to allow for this special post)
Today is my Mom's birthday. I wanted to post some of my favoirte memories - in honor of her special day.

Mom, here are some special things I remember from growing up. Do you remember them too?

*Walking down the isle at my sixth grade graduation feeling absolutly beautiful in the dress you had made me for that special day.
* Having a special day out with you and getting to pick to do whatever I wanted. I picked going on a bike ride and playing frisbee in the park. (I still hail this as one of my most special memories with you!)

*You combing my hair and putting in the bow before Dad took us to school

*A fall into a ditch and a bottle of missing Diet Pepsi

* So many piano recitials - I loved knowing that even if I messed up - you would still be proud of me.

*You reading to us kids after dinner and falling asleep while you read - I still smile when I think about how you would read a line over and over again.

*Coming to school when I was in third grade - calling me out of class to appologize for getting frustrated with me that morning before I left for the day. (I have thought of this so many times as a Mom - your example has encouraged me to always be quick to say I am sorry)

*Wrapping potatos in foil on Sunday mornings while you prepared the roast. I loved our Sunday dinners!
*All the notes you would send in my lunch box.
*Giving birth for the first time - and realizing how much awe and respect I had for you.

I could go on and on - so many good times. There have been hard times too. The pain and fears that came with growing up - heading to school - and getting married brought some interesting times. Yet, through those times I have found how much it means to me to have a wonderful relationship with you.
I love calling you and talking to you now as an adult. I love knowing that you have walked this path too. I love calling you to get recipes or cooking tips that I really should know by now. I love that you are still teaching me, encouraging me, and helping me. I love knowing that you are in my fan club.
I love the relationship that we have. I am glad that you are my Mom. For all the times you went without, for all the frustration and messes I caused you through the years, for all the times of worry I put you through - from the bottom of my heart I say THANK YOU. Your sacrifice for me is not forgotten; but lives on; inspiring me to be all that I can be. To do my best - and when I fail to get up - dust off and say I am sorry - and then try again. Thanks for always getting up - and trying again. You are a wonderful Mother. I am blessed God gave you to me.

"Her children arise and call her BLESSED"

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you.


jennifer said...

This was absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful tribute...Jennifer

Barbara H. said...

I came over for the Show and Tell, but I have to tell you how beautiful this is. My mom passed away a little over two years ago, and for some reasons I was missing her a lot this morning. Though my memories of my mom would be different on some of the particulars, some of them, and especially the love and appreciation would be the same. Thank you -- and I may borrow this idea on my mom's birthday. :-)

Lori Stilger said...

beautiful. Simply wonderful. You've inspired me to start thinking about MY mom's tribute; she'll turn 60 this year, and I want to honor her in a special way. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jendi said...

This is such a nice post. The pictures are beautiful too.

Becky K. said...

It has been a hard day with a medical challenge for one of my boys so maybe I am just tired...but this moved me to tears!
Awesome tribute!
Your Mom must be so proud of you too.
Becky K.

MammyT said...

a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. I love all the mother/daughter images you found to share. Thank you.

Charity Grace said...

How wonderful!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

beautiful *U*

Charlotte said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I wish everyone had a mother this grand. I'm happy to say that I did. My mother was my best friend. I had other best friends, but the very best one was my mother.

Betty said...


What precious sweet memories....as a Mother that post would mean more to me than any bought gift....I'm sure your Mother feels the same way....

Thank you for visiting with me....I am a mover....the silver bucket will be in and out I'm sure....Betty

the teach said...

She's an awfully lucky Mom to have a child like you, Martie! Marvelous tribute! :)

Feathering My Nest said...

Your tribute to your mother is so beautiful. I just got teary-eyed. You are so blessed. Thank you for posting this.