Influenza Changes Everything

The sickness continues to spread. Three visits to the doctor in one week - with three different children. (At least I am not sitting around here bored!) The major strain of influenza has hit the kids hard - one by one! Zak is showing small signs of it - and he is the one I most worry about; as sickness seems to set him so far back in so many different areas. So far though, he has just a cough occasionally and a low grade fever. James seems to be on the mend - with Rachel and Abbey in the midst of the worst of it - (fevers of 104 are never pleasant).

I wish I could say that with our kids sick and lying around I am getting some much needed things done around the house - (say for instance - laundry). However, I am finding myself coming and going and not getting much housework done. The kitchen seems to always have something in it that needs to be done. Glasses that need to be washed -(I am becoming obsessive about this!) Kleenexes that need to be found - ("Abbey, where did you put the box of tissues when you had them last?") And, out of schedule feeding that seems to never end - (seems when one is eating the other one does not feel like eating; but then just as soon as that one is done eating yet another one seems to feel like eating a little something).

New to the Spurgeon house this week:

*NyQuil - (Yeah, I know it will not cure a thing; but for the older one's I am hoping that it will put them to sleep long enough to get some much needed rest - for them and me!)

*Chloraseptic spray - (it's been sore throats for all - but this stuff did not seem to do a lick of good; and made one of them almost throw up on the kitchen floor. If you are interested, I am sure we will have a nearly new bottle still here when this thing passes through our household. Let me know though - I may try selling it on eBay if none of you grab it!)

*Cough drops - (I bought the natural kind - with herbs and honey. They were not a hit with the kids as they "don't taste good". That is fine by me though, I get worried when they start eating cough drops like candy!)

*Herb tea - (OK, the kids are divided 1/2 on this one. Two do NOT like herb tea - two LOVE herb tea. NOTE: neither group is getting better any faster than the other group)

*Vick's Rub - (They all seem to think this is great stuff. I am guessing that it is because this stuff gets Mom upstairs a little more often and a little more one on one with each sick patient! Another reason why the laundry....)

So anyway, I thought I would share with you my To Do List for the day. (I am a to do list type of girl - so much so, that often the first thing on my to do list is: "make a to do list for tomorrow!) For the time being, my to do list has shrunk - I have tried and tried to keep my normal lengthy to do list up - and it is NOT - I repeat - NOT working. (I am close to needing counseling here!!) So - rather than feeling like a failure; with so much still on my to do list when I go to bed at night, I have decided to shorten it until this sickness exits the premises. I will leave you with my revised to do list.

*Do enough laundry for Rob to have something to wear to church tomorrow

Only our church members will know if I got the to do list done. For all the rest of you - perhaps tomorrow would be a good day to visit our church. It might be the first Sunday a Baptist pastor has been at the pulpit in sweat pants. (By the way, we have a guest speaker for tomorrow - so sweat pants wouldn't be all that bad; would they?) I think I better stop blogging and start ironing.



cookiesunshine said...

I hope everyone is well soon.

Edi said...

Sorry you have so much sickness going on. It's hard enough when one child is sick - let alone more than one!

I still hate cough drops - nasty! But I have read that pretty much sucking on any hard candy is good for a sore throat...or you can get those cough pops - not sure of the real name - can find them at Wal-Mart...suckers for kids but they have some stuff in them that are supposed to be good for coughs or sore throats.

Last night I took some cough medicine before bed - and just thinking about it made me remember the dreadful horrible taste/smell of it. Enough to make a grown up (or child!) get sick!

I love Vicks vapo-rub. DOn't know if it helps but we always had it as kids. Remember those vicks inhalers that you put up your nose and inhaled and was supposed to clear out your nasal passages? Don't see them around - wonder if they were banned....

Becky K. said...

I hope you manage to avoid it. And you are keeping your humor intact too. Good for you.
We have been slammed with that dreaded bug at our house.
2 of us are still home from church today.
Becky K.

Sondra said...

So sorry that the kids have been sick. I have had it here myself. Nyquil is great and Cepacol is the best for sore throats. I hope you all get to feeling better very soon and hope you got pants washed for Sunday! LOL!