The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men....

The best laid plans of mice and men... I have found my organized self - disorganized and my days filled with schedule changes for which I had not planned.

To start, I have been sick. I am feeling better - although not back 100%. However, a busy Mom is only allowed so much time in bed!! I have spent the day trying to attain completion of laundry in the basement laundry room. How can there be so many clothes- after just a few sick days!!??

Our plans also have changed for the entire month. It was looking like April would be a quiet - stay- at -home month; but alas, it has turned out to be much different than planned. I will be gone quite a few days here in April. I am looking forward to the time away; as it will involve making plans for our future ministry. So there is a lot to do in April. Lists are being made, Realtors being contacted; and an old house touched up - for future inspections of prospective buyers. How I hope that the new owners of our home will be a family that will love our house as much as we have loved it! We will see.

With this in mind, I have decided to change me plans for a tip a day with the autism project. I am going to do the tips at the beginning of the week - and for the entire week. So on Monday's I will post the Autism Tips of the Week. It is the only way to get it all in with everything that we have going on here at the home front!

Well, that is an update of how I have been, where I will be - and what I plan to do. Thanks so much for stopping in. I am so glad you did.


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HsKubes said...

Glad you are feeling somewhat better. Yes, mama can only be down for a little while it seems. And I agree... I have no idea how laundry piles up like that either. It is neverending here but I know that it is a blessing we have enough to wear and the blessings to wear them. ;o)
I, too, understand about expecting a quiet time at home and having that change to errands and busyness. Praying for you as you adjust and do the things He's called you to do. ;o)

You asked about Ally. She is 15 and, yes, she will be graduating early (Lord willing). This wasn't, necessarily something we planned far in advance, she just worked hard and fast and is coming to completing her "required" credits.
After graduating, she plans to focus on her music, sewing, crocheting, continued interest-based learning, serving the Lord at home and in church, and preparing to become a wife that is bound for the mission field. She is not college-bound or career-minded. We intend to have her home until she leaves our protection to go under her husbands.
Though she will be finishing high school, we do not percieve it as she is finished with her education. We will just be finished with the state's requirements. She will still continue spending time studying. We plan to focus on things that will prepare her for the mission field (nutrition, midwifery, foreign language, Bible study, etc...).
I think that allowing them to graduate can be a blessing, however, I, also, see potential dangers. It is difficult sometimes to equate graduating with independence. But this is not the case in our home. It should definately be addressed through prayer and explained in detail of what after-graduating expectations are.
I sure hope that makes sense.

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend.
~ Christina