Blood work - Bible study - Baseball

Today was a busy one. Zak had lab work this morning at the hospital. We were there for quite awhile. He came home with a little less blood - and a couple of cool band aids!
I hosted my ladies Bible study tonight. We had a good time fellowship around God's Word and talking about how we can become better wives and build stronger relationships with our husbands. We enjoyed some tasty treats supplied by one of the ladies - and wrapped up our evening before the kids and Dad got home.

While I did my Bible Study, Dad surprised the kids and took them to a baseball game - they could not have been happier! Their arrival home greeted me with giggles and exciting chatter as they told of the evening out with Dad. To make everything just a little bit more exciting, foul balls were able captured by two of my kids - and memories were made that will last a long time.

So we finish up today - Blood work - Bible Studies - and Baseball - and in that order too.
Trust you are able to be making memories with those you love. Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did.


Simply Heart And Home said...


I hope the blood work comes out well. I know sometimes you have to wait a while for results. Your ladies Bible study sounds nice. Are you using any particular author's study guide?


Kimmie said...

Hope your son is okay-praying blessing over him.

How awesome that you lead a bible study. May God bless you and increase you as you serve Him!
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Martie said...

We are using "Happily Married" by Debi Pryde. It has been a good Bible study. Last year we used the same author but the the book that precedes this one - "Secrets of a Happy Heart." The first one really is a good one to do BEFORE this one. It contains more principles on godly Christian living from a feminine perspective. You can get the studies from Iron Sharpeneth Iron Pulbications in California. (Google them and you can find them)