The last few days have gone by in a blur. Our little one has found our hearts and twisted around her little fingers. On Wednesday morning the foster parents brought her to our house to spend her first day here with us. It was a long day - and a bit difficult for her. She cried and fussed a lot. We rocked and cuddled and sang and paced - all a bit wearing on the nerves; but needed - as she bonded with us and grew accustomed to the surroundings here.

Today she came at the same time and spent the day with us also. It was a much better day. There were giggles and smiles and not nearly as many tears. We are making progress. It does not help that she is cutting a tooth at this same time. So, there are a lot of adjustments for this little one.

On Saturday afternoon she will come to stay for the day and spend the night with us. She then will be able to attend church with us on Sunday for the entire day. After church, she will go back and stay at her foster parents house. Then on Monday she will come here to stay.

I am using tonight and tomorrow to get things ready. I am making meals and putting them in the freezer. Seems we have eaten too much fast food in the last couple of days. I figure I can make sure everything is ready and user friendly so we can use the first couple days to get used to her and her to us. I have decided that the nesting instinct that comes right before a baby is born is not hormonal - but emotional - for I am defiantly in nesting mode now!!

We are excited about the next week as we move from visits with our little one to life with her. God is so good and we are rejoicing in His goodness to us.


Shelli Hawkins said...

I wait to see her! I am so happy for you guys.

ceekay said...

Your post reminded me of April 27, 27 years ago when a foster mom put our son in my arms. I will never forget it and I know you won't either. I am so happy for you!

Susan said...

I'm still just so excited for you!

Daughter of the King said...

This is sheer joy to watch unfold.
I am praying that your little gift from God will daily feel the love you have for her.
What a blessing this is for you and for us to pray for

Simply Heart And Home said...


God has blessed you and your family abundantly. I pray this baby girl adjusts very easily to her new home. :)

Becky K. said...

I was tearing up reading about the van and how your family was involved in the prayer and faith process, but this post...yikes!
It is just so wonderful...
Then you have that lullaby music going...melts my heart.
Becky K.

MammyT said...

Martie, I am so excited for you. Do you get her on Mother's Day?

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Congratulations on your precious baby girl, can't wait to see her!


Martie said...


Thanks for you excitment with us! Yes, I will have her for the entire day on Mother's Day. It will be her first Sunday in church! I just can not wait to hold her. Thanks for visiting.



I pray Monday comes soon. Enjoy all the time before but I am praying for Monday!!! I am so thankfulfor all of you. connie from Texas