Baby Update

We have met her; and she is beautiful. I posted a few pictures and then thought I better ask our social worker if it was OK. So, we will let you see her just as soon as we can!

She is full of life and talks and coos a lot! She has a little bit of hair - but not a lot. She has blue eyes and she melted my heart from the moment we stepped into the house. I just kept telling her I loved her.

We will go tomorrow and visit with her again. Her sisters will get to meet her and help with her care for a few hours tomorrow morning. Needless to say, they are excited!! The whole house is just a buzz with the new little one soon to be coming.

Thanks for all your prayers - God is sooooo good.




Daughter of the King said...

oh thanks for the update...
I am so excited for you...for all of you.

Simply Heart And Home said...

How delightful, Martie! Thank you for the update!