To My Husband, Happy Father's Day

As a wife, one of the most cherished blessings you can have is a husband who is a loving father. I am blessed. My husband cares about our children in more ways than I can name.

I have watched him with our children since the first day our oldest daughter was born. With tears in his eyes, he held her, loved her a cherished her. Fifteen years later, he still does.
I remember lying in the hospital bed days after delivering Abbey; still too weak to hold her - and watching him as he gently rocked the tiny little one and cuddled her close. Too sick to hold her myself - I knew that she felt safe and secure in her Daddy's arms - and he would do the holding until I could get better.

I remember how happy he was to be the father of 3 little girls. I remember him baking Ally a birthday cake with the other two girls and bringing it up to the hospital when they all came to visit their new little sister. How thankful I was that in her short little life time - she had a birthday cake.

I remember holding his hand at the graveside of our little girl. Together we felt the loss of losing one so small. How the pain tried to keep us apart from each other. How thankful I am that he was committed to walking through the pain together.

I remember the ultra sound technician telling us that our fourth child was a boy. I remember being stunned at how excited my husband was that he finally had a boy - (even though minutes earlier he had told me it did not really matter to him - boy or girl - he had no preferences)! How special it was, that James - his first son, was born on Father's Day 10 years ago.

I watch him with our Zak and all his special needs. Rob speaks a language with Zak that only the two of them know. His gentleness, kindness and vision for this boy is remarkable. He never sees limitations for Zak - always possibilities.

A just recently, I have watched him with our new little one. The tears stop instantly at Daddy's pacing and singing. Already the bonding - the love - and the affection she has for her new Daddy. I can let her in on a little secret, her Daddy is smitten with her too.

How blessed I am to have a husband that values the role of Father above almost all other roles in his life. Thanks Honey, for being the wonderful father you are to our children. You inspire me with your love for our family.

Happy Father's Day,


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is so precious!

Daughter of the King said...

oh what a sweet is a blessing to me married to such a great guy, I would say the same things about mine too.

Daniel & Heidi Schatz said...

That was sooooo cute! All the pictures....precious! I wanted to tell you, a friend told me about another blog that I thought you would be encouraged by. I spent much time today reading it...crying,praising God, just have to check it out. It's a Christian women who's baby girl passed away in April, amazing story, and amazing women! Luv ya!!


Now, there is a real "DAD." We are so blessed to have such good men in our lives, men who love their families and most of all the Lord. Connie from Texas

Simply Heart And Home said...

What a lovely tribute! And we have something in common! After 3 daughters, our son was born on Father's Day as well! (19 years ago!) What a coincidence!



A Note From Theresa said...

crying, yep crying big time. Very touching post.