Christ - My All in All

Some enjoy changes. The thrill that comes along with everything being different and new.

Some have grown used to life changing. Careers and employment that keep life in flux have acclimated some to a life that changes every few years.

I am neither one of those. Enjoying change does not describe me. I have evaluated this in the past several weeks. Perhaps it is because I am growing older. I think when I was young - I enjoyed change; but then again...

I have come to evaluate the familiar and have found myself evaluating how much of my trust and security is in this illusion of 'sameness'.

How much of the world would have been reached for Christ if missionaries and preachers of old had been unwilling to venture far from the familiar?

It is so easy to say that God has full control over everything in my life. That everything I have belongs to Him and is at His disposal. It is an entirely different thing altogether to actually have that statement put to the test.

Change is good for me. It helps me to evaluate the important. It is taking me out of my comfort zone and places me in a position of vulnerability. Interesting how much I cling to God when I feel most vulnerable. Ah, to realize yet again, "Christ is all I need."

"That I may know Him..."




Shelli Hawkins said...


Thank you so much for the reminder.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Very good lesson! I am not one to like change! I had way to much of it as a child so I find myself resisting change and sometimes not for the good of myself or others.