Gifts of Entertainment

Kelli over at "There's No Place Like Home" hosts a show and tell every Friday. Hop on over and see her special treasures along with links from others who participate in this fun little activity!

This Friday I thought I would share with you my dishes that I use when we have company over. The dish set was an unexpected gift from my Mother-in-law several years ago. I say unexpected, because they came through the mail - it wasn't my birthday or Christmas and there was no special occasion for the gift to be given. (Somehow that makes it sooooo much more special!)

I was told that the dish set reminded her of me - I think this is funny, because these plates are not anything I would pick out on my own. Yet, I absolutely love the dishes! They make the table have so much more color and almost without fail I receive complements on my dishes every time I have company over.
Each dish setting bears the picture of a different fruit.
There are peaches -

...or if pears are to your liking...

no, perhaps grapes?

But our favorite one is the cherry plate - because Dad HATES cherries and Mom loves them. So, when the kids set the table - who gets the cherry plate? They laugh with glee because they always give it to Dad and think it is soooo very funny that he is eating off of a plate representing the fruit he dislikes the most.

If any of you have found a plate with peas on them let me know - he hates peas too. Then we could have two sets of dishes for him. LOL

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will spend mine packing - and yes, this weekend I will pack away my nice dishes. Glad I was able to get them into a show and tell before I got moved.




ceekay said...

Very cute dishes...good luck with the move. That is such a big job.

Kathy said...

What a beautiful gift! Even more special that it wasn't a special occasion.
Kathy (

LBP said...

Very pretty dishes!



Hootin' Anni said...

Y'know?------I love cherries too. I think this set is sweet. They're antique in a way and yet so modern at the same time. [PS...I love the crocheted doily beside them]---

My show n tell isn't what I had planned to do this week, the hurricane Dolly prevented me to have much online time this week since the time I did have was updating on the storm coming through our area. Next week, I hope to have my 'tears' show n tell. This week, I opted with photos I had on the computer already - bric a brac in our master bath. Come by if you can. I'd love a visit from you...and, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

A Hint of Home said...

I like all the different fruit plates and love the rich color.
Happy Moving!

Sharon said...

You are right! They are very nice dishes. How sweet of her to think of you and send a special gift for no other reason than "I love you".

Barbara H. said...

I'm like you, I wouldn't have picked these out myself, but they are cute. That's funny about giving the cherries to your dad.

Sandra said...

These are so cute. Thank you for sharing :)

Jessica said...

I have such a soft spot for tableware! There are three sets of dishes in my cupboard - of course some are complete and some are not. But I like having a variety of dishes to choose from for the supper table. And I'm always looking at the second hand stores for matching pieces!

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Hi Martie! What a beautiful blog home you have :). I love the plates and I am going to smile all day long because of your story about your Dad...I bet you can find a plate with peas :).

Have a Fantastic Friday!
Kathi :)

Patty H. said...

Beautiful dishes. I like the grape one, as I have a collection of grape stuff in my kitchen.
Patty H.

~~Deby said...

oh those are the cutest dishes...
what memories your family is creating using them....and how wonderful to get a gift like that as a surprise, as someone who is hard to surprise...I think that is pretty neat, itself.

Ivory Spring said...


Very nice gift! I am sure your guests enjoy them too! :)

nanna's place said...

Beautiful dishes! I am a dish lover lol I always say the plates reflects how the food will taste LOL

Kelli said...

Your dishes are gorgeous! I love the grapes!