As far back as I can remember I have had a fear of the Ferris wheel. I have never successfully rode a complete ride on the Ferris wheel - I have always gotten off the ride before the ride ever began - all during the loading process. (There is just something about those chairs that makes me a bit too nervous!)

Perhaps, it was reasoned, that with childbirth, child raising and just general maturity - this time would be a bit different ...


I can tell you that I rode the complete ride through the rotations - aren't you proud of me? - (Only because we were the last ones to get loaded onto the ride before it started!)

My husband did not quite see how much trouble I was having until Abbey pointed out to him that it looked like Mom was crying - I was!

Much to my relief - my husband came to my rescue and told the ride operator that one of the people in the blue chair was having "difficulties" - and needed to get off the ride. I was the next one off .

I can never go on one of those again for two reasons. First, I am terrified of the ride - an no matter how much of life I live I will never outlive that fear. Second, because I told the Lord that if He got me off that ride alive I would never get on it again - I mentioned this to Him in heartfelt prayer - at least 8 times while I was going around and around!!

The last picture is a silhouette of Rachel and DAD enjoying the Ferris wheel. Just as things should be!!

Enjoying my life on the ground,



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh no, no! No ferris wheel for me. I would have a big panic attack!

Susan said...

Ferris wheels scare me too. I also have a fear of swinging bridges, you know those kind that just hang over a canyon and move with every step everyone takes, and some people just love to make them swing? My sweet, precious husband tried to help me across one near our home a couple of years ago, to help me conquer the fear, but I couldn't go more than a few steps out on it. Then I started gasping for breath and crying. I turned around and ran back, but felt like I was all tangled up in the bridge and was going to fall. So I know the kind of fear you're talking about! You have my total, absolute sympathy!


I can't do any of those ride where you go up and around whether it is fast or slow. So I know your fear. I wish, I could, they always look like so much fun but not for me. I am glad though that I am not the only one like this. connie from Texas

Grove Family Homeschool said...

"And all ferris wheels shall be cast into the lake of fire." 2 Opinions 4:26 (I hate them too!! They rank right up there with root canals, airplane rides and icy roads! ;)

Becky K. said...

I understand that fear. It is not worth putting ourselves through that....
How kind of your husband to help you out of that situation.

Becky K