Just an Update

I have not posted for a little while and thought a quick update is in order.

Zak is due to be home this coming week - in time for Thanksgiving. He has had a wonderful time hunting with his Papa and keeping Nana occupied. I have missed him; but enjoyed the time 'off'. I feel refreshed and redirected in some things I want to do with him. We have doctor's appointments scheduled for January - (I know, I can not believe we have to wait that long either!!) I believe that we are going to get some answers from those appointments; and also feel that we are ready to go down some different avenues that the doctor's have suggested before; but I was not willing to try at that time. I am ready now!

We have taken Zak off the special diet that he was on - and absolutely nothing has happened. So, we will discontinue that for now - if it is not doing anything to help him - it is a waste of time and money for us. This has been a huge relief for me - as the diet was harder on me than on him!

We have an appointment with the social worker this coming week and should be able to petition the courts for an adoption date in December for our new little one. I will post the DAY we have a date and let you all know!! I have removed the counter on my side bar; because we are so close; but have nothing definite yet. So for just a few more weeks she is ours in our hearts; and we are eagerly awaiting her to be ours also on legal paperwork!

I have been up to my eyeballs in research. I have always wanted to write a book - it seems that the time is right for me to start on this life long dream. I have spent hours upon hours researching the Holocaust and Jewish history of that time. I am looking to talk with holocaust survivors or military or people who were there in Germany during the Nazi invasion. Contact me if you would be able to share your story.

Well, that is about all - just wanted to update you on things here. Trust your life and family are doing well. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am so glad you did.




~~Deby said...

thank you for the update..

Sharon said...

It's been a while since I've visited you and I'm so sorry to hear about Zak. I will make him part of my prayers and ask God to show you and your husband the right paths to take with this special boy. Praying that God will give the doctors wisdom in giving you the right suggestions.
May you and your family enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving!