A Night to Remember

This past Friday was the kids' first violin recital. We have them enrolled in the Falls Baptist Academy's strings program. The "American Heritage" concert was absolutely breathtaking. We enjoyed an hour and a half of beautiful music.

It was a black bow tie event - as all the young boys in the concert adorned one - and all the girls were dressed in the traditional black that is worn by musicians during a concert.

The line up of music for the evening included pieces from Dvorak's "New World symphony", Fiddle Tunes that made me want to tap my feet, folk songs - including "Ashokan Farewell by Unger, and Spirituals enjoyed with slides to bring reminders of the days gone by. The concert ended with an orchestra playing a rendition of several famous Revival songs from years gone by. My favorite in that line up was "Brethren We Have Met to Worship."

What a beautiful night we had - together as a family enjoying God's gift of music.

We also were blessed to have some guests come and join us for the concert. Miss Shelli drove up to see the kids - and made the kids' night with her appearance. Rob's parent's also joined us for the evening giving Zak someone different to sit next to for the program.

Our little one sat the entire time on our laps engrossed in the music being played in front of her. She is just itching to get started in music and will not leave the kids alone when they are practicing. She definitely wants in on the action!!

We ended the night with our drive home through the country and were greeted by snow falling gently from the sky. It was a perfect way to end a most enjoyable evening.
Trust you are taking in the high notes of your life. Thanks so much for stopping by - I am glad you did!



Shelli Hawkins said...

You are right Martie - it was a night to remember! I had fun seeing you and the family. Everyone is growing up so fast. Thank you for your friendship and the great night of music and fellowship.

Miss Shelli - aka the Babysitter :)

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Oh so beautiful! You must tell me how you did the sepia/colorizing to the one of your son in the group.

Becky K. said...

Neat pictures!

This makes me hope that my Chelsea picks up her violin again. She took lessons briefly.

Thanks for stopping by Hospitality Lane today. It was nice to know you enjoyed my crazy day on Saturday.

Becky K.