Digging Through

With all the snow that we have had here - the kids have had a blast playing in the white stuff. Snow seems to be a wonderful place for the imaginations to run wild as the shovels work on building a dynasty bigger than Atlantis - to the sports doing the work.

Tunnels where dug at each side of the snow piles connecting the tow diggers in the middle. Dad even went through the tunnel!! (Much to the kids surprise and excitement!)

The pictures are not the greatest - you will have to forgive me - for my hands were shaking so badly in the bitter cold that I could not hold the camera still enough for a decent frame!

The digging crew made their way indoors right near dinner time - and dusk. We enjoyed stew and homemade bread. It seemed to hit the spot after the cold outing.

As we were preparing for bed the kids asked me if the would be able to sleep in their fort for the night. The question took me by surprise - wondering if they had been out a bit too long and got frost bite on the brain. I must have looked a bit odd to them after they asked - they then told me that the fort was very very warm inside and they would be fine out there for the night. I raised and eyebrow in serious doubt. They told me that I should go out and sit in the hole for a while and see how warm it is inside. I found that to be the perfect time to finish the conversation up:
"No, I think we are all settled in for the night. I am sure it is warm in the hole; but we are all going to sleep in our beds for the night...'

Trust you are staying warm ... indoors!



Anonymous said...

My boys have done the same thing at my parents house. Shelli even went into the fort! :)


Kimmie said...

Hi Martie;

Love how you colorized (or decolorized...is that a word?) your photos.

I have photoshop element...but I am clueless on how to do that.

Love how it looks...the window one is great!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted