My Heart's Desire and Prayer...

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the Jewish people group. God's chosen people. I had the privilege to work at a Jewish hospital as a volunteer throughout my Jr High and Sr High years. I look back on those years with fond memories.

How much the Jewish nation has endured through the years. So much of their history is told to us through the Bible. I have known of them since I was a child; and in my heart I have loved them for almost as long. I have read of their wanderings through the wilderness. I have read of the miracles they witnessed as they claimed their promised land. I have cheered for them when Esther the Queen took it upon herself to fulfill her purpose in life and save her people. I have wondered how a man could hate a group of people so much, that his goal in life was complete inhalation of those he hated.

Later in life I have studied Jewish history. I have read in horror of the sufferings of this people group, as years later, Hitler, filled with hate from the devil himself, did his best to destroy this people group. I again, have wondered how someone can hate that much; and to this day complete answers evade me. The chronicles of such suffering and pain have caused my heart to cry out for them - to whisper through my tears, my apologies for all they had to endure.

Through reading of their diaries, journals and news reports my love for the Jewish nation has grown. I have wept in sorrow as free country's borders were closed to Jews so desperately in need. I have cheered from deep within me, as Israel was made a nation again - many years even, before I was born.

I have sat with Jewish people who have recounted for me their sufferings. How much I did not understand. How much I learned. How greatly time spent with them impacted my heart with a love for the Jewish people. I have watched as they participated in Passover. I have been instructed and understood, in a small way, of their ways. I have desired to know more. More of their culture, their foods, their traditions, their faith.

I am watching them now again as this people - God's people - are engaged in war. I watch, and I pray for peace in Israel. I watch - and wonder, how much of Biblical prophecy this could be fulfilling. I think how we are in the end of the end times; and I pray more fervently for the peace of Israel. I think of their physical safety and I pray. Yet I find my heart dwelling upon their spiritual need and I pray - for peace of Israel. Not the peace that can been seen with the eye, or written in pen by the signing of yet another peace treaty. I pray for the peace of Christ - their Messiah to be written upon their hearts. This is the peace of Israel so desperately needed in every Jewish heart.

Tonight my heart in drawn towards Jerusalem. I pray for peace. Eternal peace.

"For He shall save His people from their sins..."


~~Deby said...

ME too Martie, and when we went to the concentration camp in Germany, Dachau to be specific, oh, my heart ached. The Hiding Place , the story of Corrie Ten Boom, is my favorite movie.....
oh this stuff going on now.....I pray that America keeps supporting Israel, it is my belief if we do not it could possibly be our demise.

Becky K. said...

Amen, and Amen!

We are looking forward to learning about the passover through having a passover dinner in church this year. One of our couples does this each year in their own home and are willing to teach all of us.

The situation in the Middle East is a very complicated one...but that is nothing new. It is horrible sad and I cannot even begin to imagine living in the conditions of war, indefinitely.

My parents were in the area back in the '70's and had a close call with a bomb on their airplane. They commented on all of the soldiers with machine guns...just a very different way of life.

You are right...they need the one and only Peacegiver...Jesus!

Michelle said...

What the Jewish people have been through over the centuries is astonishing.


I stand with Israel. She said it all so well, Martie and thank you for saying it. They will see one day. I like Deby, pray that the U.S. always supports Israel. I pray for that day when they will "know" Jesus. connie

Walking by Faith said...

I feel the same way...I love Israel and my prayers are the same for them as yours. Thank you for sharing!