Staying Warm as a Family

The weather here, as in many other places in the USA, has been COLD!! I have not felt air this cold since I lived in North Dakota (and I have found myself missing the winters there!).

On Thursday and Friday all the schools in our area canceled school because of the cold. (Something that does NOT happen in North Dakota!). Being that we homeschool, we do not have to cancel school. However, on Thursday, I gave in and took the day off of school - at least with the little ones. Rachel, the driven one, did school anyway. She hates to miss school - seriously!

So, what do you do when it is too cold to go out and you have 5 kids sitting inside the house? Well, we made bread - 6 loaves. Made a loaf of banana bread - because the bananas needed to get used up - SOON. Then we snuggled under the blankets in the front room and read The Long Winter. We found ourselves shivering as we read of Laura's long winter. We also found we have NOTHING to complain about, and we put in loads of laundry every 45 minutes into the story. It was a wonderful way to pass a cold winter day. In the evening Rob and I practiced some music for our upcoming meeting next week. It was great to be together, while the older kids played a game at the kitchen table, and the younger ones played under our feet in the piano room.

Today, I am finishing up laundry and taking care of a sick baby - seems she found a cold somewhere. UG. It has been nice being home - snuggled in close and enjoying each other's company. Trust you are staying warm with your family - and getting in some good reading to boot. Thanks so much for stopping by.




Becky K. said...

Sounds like a very cozy day and learning was happening in spite of your change of plans.


~~Deby said...

Sounds like you stayed warm in body and soul...what wonderful memories for your children...I will pray for that sweet little one of yours...

Anonymous said...

You captured in words, the very essence of life in winter in a cold climate. It's what I love most about North Dakota winters and it's especially sweet when you have little ones still in the home. These times provide memories for a lifetime. I sure miss my little ones. Love you Martie. We plan to be in your area in Feb. Look forward to seeing you! Sheryl S.

Simply Heart And Home said...


I hope warmer temperatures have reached you. We've had a few days of below 10 degrees weather. It snowed once again this morning but at least the temperatures went up. :)

I love to bake when it is cold outside. The warmth of the oven does cheer everyone up ~ and the delightful baked goods does too.