The Christ Life

This week has been a busy one! Our church hosted the annual Holiness Conference. The theme this year was "Life in Christ". I can not tell you how much it blessed my heart to be under the preaching of God's word for an entire four days. God has taught me much.

We ended the conference with the choir and congregation singing "Holy Holy Holy"; and during the song I thought about how excited I am to serve the Lord and to do what He has for me to do. So many times in this day and age we Christians tend to think about how hard living the Christian life is. Christianity as a whole, has lost focus on the very reason we are here - to share Christ with the world.

God showed me this week how my lack of faith and limited time in prayer cause me to loose sight of the bigger picture. I have not been in love with the Lord the way I should. I have not been focused on Him; and appropriating through Him the 'Christ Life'. Because of that, I have found myself defeated and not seeing God work as much as I could. (It is kind of hard to see answers to prayer when I am not laboring in prayer with Him!) The lack of devotion to Him personally can lead to a lack of faith - unbelief. Unbelief in what God wants to do is nothing more than SIN. Ah, how this truth became clear to me. Doubting what God has said He will do is sin. Sin takes me away from God; and leads to a focus on self and situations.

During the last song of the conference I thought of how different my focus was that night than at the beginning of the week. No longer am I only hoping for His coming - but rather rejoicing in the promise of his coming and focused on accomplishing what God has for me until His return. A much more victorious change of perspective.

I am rejoicing that He is still speaking to me. What a joy to know the Creator of the Universe is interested in me. Trust you know His presence and are living the abundantly full Christ Life.




Michelle said...

SO true, sounds like a wonderful conference. Blessings to you!

Virtually Violin said...

The Holieness Conference was a great meeting - the Lord also spoke to me. I cannot wait until next year!

Anonymous said...

You described perfectly what we experienced this week Martie. I tried to relate to Cherith today what it was like at the end of the conference when we were all standing and singing "Holy, Holy, Holy" together as congregation and choir. The only thing that would have made it a better moment was for the Lord Himself to rapture us all to Heaven. Tears come to my eyes as I think back on all we heard and experienced. It was a blessing to spend the week with you and Rob. Love you much.