Reading Aside

Zak: "Do butterflies bite?"

Mom: (Silence - reading a book and much too preoccupied to realize anyone was talking to me)

Zak: "Do butterflies bite?"

Mom: (Silence - now realizing someone was talking to me; but if I remained focused on my book perhaps they would stop talking and let me continue reading.)

Zak: "Mom," (leaning 2 inches from my face and pushing rapidly on my arm) "do butterflies bite?"

Mom: (Moving back to allow my eyes to focus on such a close object) "What was that Zak?"

Zak: "I said, 'do- butterflies- bite?" (emphisizing the last three words of the question)

Mom: No, they don't bite.

Zak: (Still close to my face) "Are you sure?"

Mom: "Yes, I am sure. They do not bite."

Zak: "So they are nice?"

Mom: "Very nice!"

Zak: "I like butterflies!"

I love being a stay at home Mom. It does not do a lot to aid in my literary endeavors; but the comic relief is priceless.



Melissa said...

And this is why I love him!


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet!