A Week with Friends

Last week our church hosted Holiness Conference. We had a wonderful week. One of the reasons it was such a good week was because we were able to spend some time with our former Pastor and his wife.

Pastor Shaffer was my husband's pastor since he was just a boy. They have literally watch him grow up. Pastor Shaffer was the pastor who married us almost 19 years ago. What a blessing they are to us and our family.

We enjoyed the week with them as we fellowshiped together and listened to messages together. How sweet the bond of Christ! Christian friends are such a blessing.

Thanks Pastor and Mrs Shaffer - for everything. We love you!



Sheryl said...

Awwwww. This brought a tear to my eye. The feelings are mutual Martie. Hug the family for us and thank you for your kind words. Won't Heaven just be wonderful??

Lisa said...

Hi Martie: I attend an IFB church in SW Missouri. We have been blessed to have each of the Van Gelderen brothers visit our church a few times. You may have met my pastor and his wife at the Holiness Conference. Their last name is Brudnak.

Walking by Faith said...

I didn't know Pastor Shaffer married you guys!!! I learned something new.;)

Martie said...


There were so many preachers there - I am sure we crossed paths. Nice to 'meet' you. Thanks for stopping by!