Dear Grandmother

(Grandmother- the way I remember her...)

Dear Grandmother,

It's been two years since we said goodbye. I miss you. Today would have been your birthday - you missed celebrating your 90Th birthday by eight days. I have chosen to remember your birthday - April 28, rather than the day you left us, April 20Th. I think you would have wanted it that way.

I missed saying goodbye to you face to face by only a few hours. I wish the plane could have gotten me there faster; but somehow, while I was on the plane I knew you were gone. The phone call the night before would be my last time talking with you. I wish I could have said goodbye - but that missed wish will only make our reuniting just a bit sweeter. I miss you!

I miss your voice, your birthday cards that you would send me. I miss not being able to sit down a write you a letter about my life here. There was so much I still wanted to learn from you. You possessed the character I can only dream of having. Your stamina and "never-quit" attitude have inspired me for years - but more so since you have been gone.

(Grandmother and her Children)

Yet, as much as I miss you - I am happy for you. Happy your pain is over. Happy that your neck doesn't hurt anymore. Happy that you know the sights of Heaven - the sights my faith longs to see. Happy that you and Grandaddy are reunited once again. Happy that your with my Ally - and wondering if you knew her.

(Grandmother and my Mom - shortly before her home going)

Life has gone on - it always does. The kids are fine. We have one more since you have left us. you would have loved her! She has filled a hole in my heart that could have only been filled with her - we met her one year ago. I wish you could have seen her before you left us.

So, on your birthday - I will remember you. I know you would not want me to cry; but that is one wish you will not be able to have. I cry - because I miss you - more than you could ever know.

Happy Birthday, Grandmother!

I love you - and always will.

Till We Meet Again,



~~Deby said...

oh I know these thoughts and feelings all to well..and yes the tears....the Lord has my bottle of them....sometimes I think it must be overfilling

Persuaded said...

I so miss my dear Nana too... I think there is so much that I could have learned from her. SHe was a single mother too, and a seamstress...

What a wonderfully special idea to remember loved ones on their birthdays instead of their "going home days." I have always hated those kind of anniversaries, and so have not really recognized them, but that has left a lack. I think I will follow your example♥

Sheryl Shaffer said...

What a touching, precious tribute. Bless you Martie. I love your sensitivity.