The Great Exchange

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday - I trust you did too.

Perhaps never in my life have I seen the cross as clearly as I did this past Sunday. To see His love - for me. All He endured - for me. All His sacrifice accomplished - for me! Sunday, in my heart I knelt before that cross - and found myself amazed at His sacrifice.

Oh where would my life be if He had not come.

I would have: hope
...constant guilt
...loneliness purpose future
His wounds for my transgressions
His bruises for my iniquities
His punishment for my peace
His stripes for my healing.

Hallelujah what a Saviour. May His sacrifice never become dull to my heart!!

Trust you are able to stand amazed in His love - it has forever changed my life!



Becky K. said...


Persuaded said...

oh where would i be without Him?! i was just thinking this today... and i honestly don't know. i am so very very thankful that He stooped to save me♥

Sheryl Shaffer said...

I couldn't have said it better! Oh that Christians would put away the world and personal pettiness and fall at Jesus feet in humility and brokenness. So much could change in our world and churches if we would see the very thing you wrote here. Lord, let it begin in me. Thank you for this post.