My blog, as of late, has not been all that exciting - I know. The posts have been sporadic at best - I am sorry.

In December that decision was made to revisit each of Zak's doctors. Life spun out of control with his issues - and we needed answers.

The doctor appointments have been made and kept; sometimes seeing two different doctors in one week - each trip taking 2 hours there and back in travel time alone.

We have encountered some bumps along the way - and overall it has been a very draining process throughout the last several months.

Last week a doctor came upon something that has raised several red flags. Perhaps the answer for which we have been searching. Blood work has been run - and is being re-run. Now we wait - and wonder - and pray. Will your pray with us?
The syndrome for which they are testing only affects 1 in 25,000 people; and there is no cure. We need God's grace, His leading and His wisdom. My faith assures me - "God is good - all of the time." I choose to rest - in Him. He can be trusted.
Thanks so much for stopping in - I am so glad you did.

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Persuaded said...

i have some small sense of what these types of things involve... i'll be praying for your family♥