Teeth Brushing - the LONG way

Strange things can happen when Zak is in the bathroom. I am thinking that the older he gets the less bathroom episodes we will have. Well, we are not out of the woods yet...

I was busy doing a Mom "thing" - washing Zak's face after lunch. The food had been eaten and it was ready for Zak to head up to his room for a nap. He was sitting on the table in front of me - wash cloth covering his face as I washed off the last of the peanut butter from around his cheeks. It was not until I took the rag from off his eyes - that I noticed that something was not 'right'. The following conversation is what took place next:

MOM: (sounding quite surprised and a bit emphatic) Where is your eyebrow?
ZAK: (sounding quite normal) I lost it.
MOM: You can't loose your eyebrow! (sounding even more emphatic) Where is your eyebrow?!
ZAK: I cut my hair...
MOM: (noticing a chunk out of Zak's hair and his signature cowlick missing) When did you cut your hair?
ZAK: This morning when I was brushing my teeth.
MOM: (suddenly remembers that he was in the bathroom for a long time during his teeth brushing session)
ZAK: You missed a spot on my hair; so I cut it off.
MOM: That explains your hair; but where is your eyebrow.
ZAK: I cut it off too

Never - and I mean, NEVER a dull moment.

Trust you are enjoying your summer days. These are the days that tomorrow's memories are made of.



Mimi said...

He will definitely keep you young and on your toes...LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That is priceless. What a sweet child.

Joanne' Dupee

Melissa said...

Oh, my Zakie! How I miss him! :)

Caleb cut his hair last month because he thought he saw a gray hair! Don't you love it!


the Weigt Family said...

This story made me sooo glad that Hunter shows no interest in scissors...way too cute!! :)

Sheryl Shaffer said...

I'm sorry Martie...I'm laughing!!
So funny....and so...childish.

Shelli Hawkins said...

Oh that's funny Marite! Thank you for sharing.

When my brother was around the age of 12 he decide to shave his face. His ENTIRE face. There were several chucks of eyebrow missing.

Good Times!!

Becky K. said...

How sweet!

Scary...but sweet!

I do hope it grows back...lol

Becky K.