The Baby

What's it like to be the baby of the family? I would not know. I was the oldest - the one leading the way - the one that made her brother and sister disgusted as I bossed them around and told them the 'right' way to do things.

So, I do not know what it is like to be the baby; but I have had fun watching. This little one is full of energy. She is stubborn and she wants to do it - HER WAY. She does not want to be left behind and is convinced whatever you can do - she can not only DO it but can do it better.

She walks with purpose and poise. She is the baby; but has a point to prove. Her vocabulary is more than adequate and she will say any word that you tell her to say. If she can not pronounce the word - she can articulate the syllables and you know what she has said. If she is not able to communicate in words her body language is quite defined. She can make it very clear what she wants or does not want.

She clearly spoke today. We were taking a walk. Sitting in the stroller she watched us walking behind her. Zak held my hand and James followed close behind and Abby pushed the "baby" in her stroller. She would have none of it. She wanted to walk like the big kids. So, I let her walk. I knew it would be a long walk - and there was quite a hill to climb in the process. I will let her walk and then when she gets tired she will get back into her seat. Time and time again I asked her, "Do you want to get back in your stroller?" Time and time again she answered, "No" with an emphatic shake of the head. I asked her before we ascended the hill. I asked her at the top of the hill. I asked her at the bottom of the hill. Each time her answer was the same. Blond little curls flew in the wind as she shook her head and a faint, but dogmatic "no" could be heard.

So, she walked. She climbed the hill. She walked down the hill and she walked the rest of the way home. I am guessing it was a good 1/4 of a mile. Not bad for a little 18 month old. I think she is making a point. I am the baby - but I will not be babied! And after watching her walk determined into the house to get a drink of water - I am sure of one thing - she may be the baby - but it is in age only. Anything they can do - she can do too!

If you are wondering why I have found so much time to blog this afternoon - well she made the walk; but it plum tuckered her out. She is enjoying a nice, long and well deserved nap - - I am enjoying a few hours of peace and quiet.

Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did.


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~~Deby said...

oh Martie...she is a sister is here with her 5..and her baby, Nehemiah is the same....
your little one is growing up so fast...she looks like your family..
so so cute...I am glad you got that extra post in today and she is plum tuckered out...